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Microsoft Making Universal Video Game Capture

According to Kotaku, a question posed to a Game Developer in the Tokyo Game Show brought about an unexpected and probably accidental answer. In case you are curious, the question was if the developer would attempt to include an in-game video capture feature.

You may notice the vague use of developer used here. That is because Kotaku and others are trying to conceal the identity of the person, to protect their job. Leaking information can lead to big problems when it comes to the video game industry, heh. Their answer was that they would love to have a video capture feature in their game. But then they questioned that why should they work on something that the platform holder, being Microsoft, is already in the process of developing. Oops?

A universal platform specific video capture feature for all games sounds pretty epic. I know that there were some epic moments in Fight Night Round 4 and Call of Duty 4 that I wish I could have captured on video. I suppose that I could use external recorders, but having an internal recorder makes it so much more convenient. There are few games that make use of a Video Capture feature, such as Halo 3 which allows you to navigate the recording in 3d space, which is a pretty amazing ability. I am not sure Microsoft would be able to create such an extensive universal video capture feature, but maybe they would at least be able to record what is shown on screen. But if they have all the features of the Halo 3 video capture feature, that would be amazing.

Microsoft was questioned about this, though not in a direct way. Just asked about their thoughts on the concept and whether or not they would embrace the idea. When a representative was asked, they merely said that they are always looking for ways to innovate Xbox Live at the platform level. They would not comment on a video capture feature, but they said you can assume that they are constantly looking for ways to be innovative. Maybe the ability to capture and share your recorded in-game videos over Xbox Live could be the next big update for the Xbox 360. If it is, I can be sure that those of you who are Xbox Live silver users, you will be left out. This would most likely need an Xbox Live gold membership, so if you do not have it yet, you should visit my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live.

The rest of the answers and responses they gave were simply dancing around the question. They played stupid and completely avoided answering it. If this is indeed true, then I feel a bit sorry for Microsoft, because this would have been a major news release. No one would have imagined this. This news completely caught me by surprise, actually. I honestly am now thinking that Microsoft is developing a universal video game capture feature, because that could be the sole thing that would set it apart greatly from the other consoles. That would be their way of creating the next big innovation for the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live alike.

Brutal Legend Demo Impressions

So, as I said in my previous post, the Brutal Legend demo has come out on Xbox Live. This was a good thing, because you originally had to preorder the game in order for you to get access to the demo, but now it has been made available to all users. This demo is currently limited to Xbox Live gold users, so if you are not one, you should read my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live.

My impressions differ than from what they once were on first impressions that I made yesterday while playing the game. The Brutal Legend demo introduces you to some of the main features of the game as well as the over all feel of it. You start off atop a skull mountain, fighting hooded figures. You first start off unarmed, before you run down and grab your giant axe. You are then shown the basics of fighting with the axe, which includes regular attacks, holding for a hefty attack, blocking and dodge rolling. After that, you are able to grab your guitar, which is basically your source of magic. You are able to strike your enemies with lightening or engulf them in flames. You are not able to spam these skills, however, or your guitar will catch fire and you will be unable to use it.

You are then basically shown how you can link up both your guitar attacks with your axe attacks for devastating combos. This can come in handy when fighting a group of enemies at once. Which brings to my attention a minor complaint, from what I see, your attacks are not area of effect attacks. So even though you are swinging around a ridiculously huge axe, it can only make contact with one enemy at a time, which sets me off a bit. After being shown the basics, you escape off the hill after fighting a long legged enemy and being taught how to target.

You then meet your ally whose name I did not bother remembering. The game has a basic system which allows you to be able to use your ally against your enemies by doing combined attacks. Which, in this case, consisted of you tossing her at an enemy of your choice. It is not anything special, but I suppose it is good to have. The rest of this is just fighting to get to the gate. You reach an area where you have to play an easy guitar solo. You build a car and mow down enemies as you race to the gate. Confront a monster, which meets its end by getting crushed by the gate, having it closed on its neck. The end is not so spectacular.

All in all, you would need to play this game in order to judge whether you like it or not. I, personally, do not like this game because the gameplay is not indepth enough for me to stay attracted to it. The combo system is lackluster, not being able to hit multiple enemies is a nuisance, the storyline annoys me, the only good thing about this to me would be the occasional good jokes. If you are looking for a new action adventure game to play, with a dash of comedy, you may want to check out the Brutal Legend Demo to see if you find anything you are interested in.

Brutal Legend Demo Out on Xbox Live

For those of you who are Brutal Legend fans, the demo has reached Xbox Live some time today or yesterday. Surely good news for those of you looking to be able to sample this brutal heavy metal action game without having to pay a dime. This hefty demo of 2gb will be packing the whole opening chapter of the game for you. Quite the package for such a heavily anticipated game.

Brutal Legend is a game by Tim Schafer, and is intended to be an action-comedy-adventure game sure to be a hit amongst hard core gamer. The buff axe wielding character of this promising game, named Eddie, hacks through hordes of enemies in a stylistic and comedic fashion. This open world game is a heavy metal fantasy world in which Eddie fights his way through. There are said to be 23 main missions in the game, coupled with 30 side missions that you may optionally take. There are also real heavy metal songs scattered throughout the game, hand picked by Tim Schafer himself, in which you can find and listen to.

The mutliplayer portion of this upcoming game is also promising. If you do not have Free Xbox Live for this game yet, you should read my first post, so you do not miss out. The multiplayer gameplay of Brutal Legend is a real time strategy, surprisingly. You gather a mass of fans in which you will then proceed to trek across the map in order to find and wreck your opponents stage, which is basically a resource point. The three factions of this mode are Eddie's faction, Doviculus's band, and Drowning Doom, a goth inspired band. Brutal Legend ships with seven maps and multiplayer has support for up to four people. Players are divided into teams through factions, in which you then defend your stages.

Though there are many features that should be implemented and fixed, this game is a fairly solid game at the moment and is worth taking a look at. It boasts a great single player mode, a robust multiplayer mode, and a solid amount of achievements. Brutal Legend will most likely be a game that is widely played across all of Xbox Live. If you have not been able to play the demo yet, then you should try getting Free Xbox Live, so you can be able to enjoy Brutal Legend without wait.

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Xbox Live Impressions

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a 2D fighting game available for the Xbox 360 by Arc System Works, who also fathers the Guilty Gear franchise. You are able to clearly see the similarities that this game has with Guilty Gear, but is this game special in its own way? It definitely is and is quite worth playing, and here is why.

When you think of 2D fighting game, a lot of people immediately think of Street Fighter. That has to be one of the most boring fighting games I have ever come to play. The reason BlazBlue is such an amazing fighting game is because it is amazingly balanced. In the fact that if you try to use cheap hit and run tactics, or try to run away while dying, you will get penalized. Such as taking 2x the damage or other effects, it is a really great way of reducing the amount of hit and runners that you will encounter online. Not only that, but every character is deadly in their own way. From what I have seen while playing BlazBlue over Xbox Live, there is at least one person who uses a character that will completely destroy you and show you things that you have never even expected.

The online play of BlazBlue is incredibly smooth in some cases. Well, most cases that is, when you first enter the match you may see a bit of lag when the match is being declared. But through some smart coding on the developers part, the lag is calibrated and you experience little to no lag while actually in game play. This is a great thing, because for those of you who play a lot of combo driven games, you know that timing and control cooperation is necessary. The few times you do experience lag on BlazBlue, you will see how difficult it makes it to perform some of the more difficult combos, even if you are normally able to do it.

One of the great things about BlazBlue is that it is a very skill oriented game. Which also makes it one of the worst things about the game. For those of you who are novices, you may have a hard time getting into the game since you may not be able to complete some of the more difficult combos. Without remembering combos, you will simply be tossed around and destroyed on Xbox Live, since most of them know what they are doing. However, for those of you who are good at remembering combos and are committed, you will find this game a breeze and most likely find it refreshing as well. Just like my brother, managed to pick up a character that was considered "sub par" and regularly pawns people online with ease.

If you have Xbox Live gold membership, this is really a game worth getting, since the multiplayer is quite enjoyable. However, if you do not, then you should read my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live. Simply because getting Free Xbox Live is a great way to be able to enjoy all of your games in a new way. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a great game for all of you fighting game enthusiasts, and I recommend it to you, so check it out!

The Attraction of Xbox Live

I am starting to wonder what the main attraction is of Xbox Live. When people talk about multiplayer or online services on a current generation console, it is mostly the Xbox 360 being brought up with it's highly popular Xbox Live service. One of the most played and widely subscribed online services in the current generation. But what is causing all of the players to become such a huge fan of this service? Is it the Xbox Live Arcade games? Is it the market place? Is it the multiplayer? Or maybe just because it has so many players in it already.

Xbox Live Benefits
There are many benefits to being a part of Xbox Live, one of the best online services available. One being that you get to play the extremely stable online play, and be apart of a large, extensive, online community filled with many people worth playing. You will definitely run into a variety of people that will leave you with many experiences worth bragging about. Not only that, but you have the Xbox Live Market Place to explore. Having access to hundreds of demos made available to you, which may help you find new games that you may want to purchase for the Xbox 360. You may download some exclusive themes, or even Xbox Live Arcade games that may catch your eye. There are many things worth getting and playing on Xbox Live, and would possibly be a great thing for you to get if you are interested.

Xbox Live Cons
Having to pay for Xbox Live would be an annoyance, definitely. It annoyed me when I had to pay for Xbox Live membership, it would probably annoy you too. Though $50 a year isn't so much, I am not interested in paying a fee for membership. Not only that, but there are a lot of unruly players on the Xbox Live that you will run into. If you are a minority, expect to be hassled by racists while playing. If you are white, expect people to be racist to you as well, or make fun of your voice. If you are young, expect people to make fun of you still and make jokes about puberty. Pretty much, every one is a target, and the trash talk that goes on is pretty ridiculous. I catch myself having heated arguments at times, though most of the time I just do not care.

There are a fair amount of benefits and cons towards being apart of Xbox Live. You get to play multiplayer, which is arguably one of the best features about the Xbox 360. You also get access to many of the features on Xbox Live, such as the party system, netflix, demos and more. But on that note, there are also cons such as the payment, unruly players and occasional down times. If you have an Xbox 360, and you are interested in playing Xbox Live, you should read my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live Codes, it may help you.

Maturity On Xbox Live

Encountering mature players while on Xbox Live is always a sort of funny conversation. Simply because most Xbox Live users can relate to it in one way or another. The amount of users on Xbox Live simply look to annoy, curse you out, be racist and much more annoying acts done to piss you off. These crowds can be found across all games, but I have encountered most of them while playing Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4, though I am not really sure.

While playing Halo 3, I constantly run into people who will curse you out for getting killed or being black. Then again, they seemed to use the same racial slur against even white people, as a simple insult, so maybe it's normal for them. But for the over hyped few that will kill you then tell you to quit life for being a failure in Halo 3. Not only that, but tea bagging is like a sport in Halo 3 that pretty much at least one person does in every match. It annoys me so much to have to run into kids who will tea bag you then brag about it like they just spat in your face. Though I can't say that I didn't do it back in retaliation...

While playing Call of Duty 4, I have to say I have heard the funniest arguments then. There was a kid having an argument with his mom about doing the dishes or something. Every one then proceeded to curse him out for being a little kid. I have heard clans of racists whom would attempt to belittle you if you a minority, and it turns out that my clan had some minorities in it. Though we proceeded to beat them so badly that they just signed off Xbox Live. The especially funny one is when I ran into a clan who was trying to act gay making a bunch of gay jokes and terrorizing the straight people in the match, it was hilarious.

Honestly, this isn't a really informative post,but simply a post to poke fun at how much immaturity you run into while on Xbox Live. I am not saying that the Playstation Network is superior or anything like that, because I have not actually used it yet. But I generally turn my mic off, due to the annoying kids and voices I run into while playing on Xbox Live. But I am at least being able to enjoy getting Free Xbox Live. To be honest, I would not want to actually pay any money to play over Xbox Live to run into so many of these annoying kids.

Halo 3: ODST Release

As many of you Halo 3 fans may know, Halo 3: ODST has recently been released, which offers a wealth of new gameplay elements and a new story line for players to enjoy. It is surely a game to be widely enjoyed by the Xbox Live community, especially considering the all new Skirmish mode that has been added to the mix. This isn't really an informative post on Halo 3: ODST, rather a post that tells you why you should get Free Xbox Live, and why this game may be good for you to play.

If you don't know, Halo 3 is pretty much one of the most popular, if not the most popular, game to be released on the Xbox 360. It offers an extensive Xbox Live player community, and a robust match making system that provided the standard for many online games to come. It is a very novice friendly game and is simply a fun experience for those new to the Xbox 360. It was the game that I started out with, and I don't regret it. It actually got me into the Xbox 360, since I started playing at my friends house on his console. It is a great party game to play especially if you're gaming in a party with your friends.

It is a pretty old game, so there is a lot of exclusive content that has been added already. This is good if you have not picked this game up yet, simply because you will now be able to enjoy more immediately, opposed to those who had the game from the start and had to wait for content to be released. There are new map packs, downloadable content and even the new Halo 3: ODST, which offers a different look into the Halo 3 world and story line.

Simply put, Halo 3 is one of the most enjoyable multiplayer experiences available on the Xbox 360. Halo 3 has a great and extensive single player mode, many multiplayer modes available to offer you the utmost variety and when coupled with Halo 3: ODST, you get an even further look into the Halo 3 storyline as well as a new multiplayer mode in which you cooperate with team members to take out hordes of enemies. If you've just read my guide on how to get Free Xbox Live, then this game would be a good game to spend your time playing.

Zombie Apocalypse on Xbox Live Soon

Konami's top view zombie shooter, Zombie Apocalypse, is making it's way to Xbox Live by next week. The game will cost you 800 Microsoft Points over Xbox Live for a wealth of options. If you have already read my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live, then you most likely will be enjoying your coop for free.

Imagine a top down arcade Left 4 Dead styled game. It is a 3d arcade game with lush visuals, though nothing extremely intensely graphical. The game boasts 55 levels and 11 weapons available, as well as online cooperative play. You can play both online and offline with your friends, which is good for those of you without Xbox Live gold membership. The weapons are fairly good and offer a variety of choices for you to enjoy. You have weapons that may burn your enemy such as the flamethrower, a chainsaw which slices them up, or even a shot gun which obviously has the most impact per shot.

Kotaku claimed that the no drop in was a pretty annoying lacking feature. Though there is cooperative play, players aren't allowed to drop-in or drop-out. You can't add players between stages either. So once you are in a match, you are stuck with the people you have there already. Also, the characters may seem a bit familiar to Left 4 Dead, it can be seen as a homage. Though, no doubt, some of you will see that as a deliberate rip off. But these are minor nuisances, and if you've been actively looking for an Xbox Live game to play, and you like zombies, this would probably be a good game to get.

Also, it is a bit cool how you can use the environment to your advantage, at the zombies dismay. For example, the wood chipper, you can lure zombies into it to get shredded up which would be an easy way of dealing with the hordes of them. With the minor annoyances aside, this game is a pretty solid game and is worth getting. It has a fair amount of features along with it, and it only costs 800 Microsoft Points, so it's basically a game where you can have quite a bit of fun for a small price.

Fun Experiences on Xbox Live

For those of you who have managed to play on Xbox Live at least once must surely be familiar about some of the fun experiences you may have on there. I know I have ran into quite a lot of experiences on Xbox Live during my couple of months of playing it. Particularly with games such as Call of Duty 4, Gears of War 2, Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4. These experiences can make it worth getting Xbox Live membership, simply because it makes you remember why it's worth having. That's why you should read my post on how to get Free Xbox 360 Live if you haven't already.

On Call of Duty 4, one of my most fun experiences had to be when me and my friends decided to play as a clan. So we got into a match, as pipeline and the other team was trash talking us because we dominated them the previous round. So this round, we decide to be annoying and since we had a full team, we all camped from the back and dominated them as UAV Jamming snipers, hah. It was priceless how they could never tell when we were hiding, as we sneaked around the map and even when they managed to get UAV's, the wouldn't be able to see us any way. We laid traps, went knifing, and were camping the whole match, it was a pretty fun match and I don't think I have had a match in Call of Duty 4 as fun as that since.

On Gears of War 2, my most fun experience had to be when my friend and I were playing Wing Man and I was one of the last people left. It was me, my friend died, and two other teams. So I was being pursued by one team, so I ran, tagged a wall, took out one of their team members, ran into the other team and escaped, putting those two enemies into a shoot out. So I ran to the other side, stacked up on grenades, and tagged the wall, and ran away. Then I lured out the survivors of the skirmish and they fell for my trap, leading me to win the match. What I mainly find fun about that is how using brain over raw talent can determine who wins a match at times.

In Halo 3, it was probably when I was over at my friends house playing as a party, and we had one random member on our team, and we were having an extremely close battle and we managed to win. After all their trash talk about us sucking, us being noobs and etc. When we won, I remember my friends screaming into the mike "Yeahhhh boyyyyyyy!" and rubbing it into their faces, to the point where they just quit the match. It was pretty hilarious and it was a rush.

In Grand Theft Auto 4, I have to say that I've had the funnest experiences on there. Or at least some of the funnest. Like one time when I was playing free mode with strangers, and I was in the fastest car of the game, driving away from this guy who was pursuing me and managed to get my car on fire. So I waited a bit, then hopped out my car after I ran over a bench and it flipped in the air. So in a cinematic fashion, the car hovers over me as I hop out and it explodes directly above me. It was such a cinematic event, I just knew that Grand Theft Auto 4 would be my favorite game.

What are some of your favorite moments on Xbox Live? I mainly like the moments where we're being highly competitive, when I die or kill someone in a cinematic fashion, or when I am doing something with the purpose of annoying the enemy. Those moments can be fun. If you're wanting to play on Xbox Live now that you've read this, but you do not have gold membership, you should read my post on how to get free Xbox Live so you can join in on the fun.

Call of Duty 4 Xbox Live Gameplay

I was partially preparing for Modern Warfare 2, and partially competing with my friend today while playing Call of Duty 4. To say the least, I was pretty disappointed in what Call of Duty 4 has become. When I used to play early in this year, you would have intense matches with everyone rushing and battling like their lives depended on it. There was seldom a camper, and hardly any M16 users, unless someone was trying to annoy you purposely, or get it red tiger. Those were what I would consider the glory days of Call of Duty 4.

While considering to get my Free Xbox Live, in preparation for Modern Warfare 2, I am seriously starting to have some doubts. But these doubts are starting to lessen. Anyway, today, while playing Call of Duty 4, I have noticed a major increase in M16's and camping during the game play. I'm talking harsh and ridiculous camping. I mean, it's okay for a sniper to camp, as they have little else to do than sit there and snipe their enemies. But when a whole team of people stay at their spawn, camping with light machine guns and m16's, things can get a little repetitive and boring. If I wanted to camp, I could stay outside and live my life, I think.

Camping, in my opinion, takes the fun out of Call of Duty 4, even if it is Xbox Live. I hardly used to run into camping on Xbox Live, and if they did it, it was mostly as a joking or just a novice notion. But now, it seems like camping has become the norm. So I was considering not getting Modern Warfare 2, if all I'll have to look forward to on Xbox Live is getting myself camped left and right. But then I remembered, I forgot about the new additions coming to Modern Warfare 2 that can help the camping issue.

One of the things that fix the camping issue is riot shields that were implemented into the game now. If there's a camper waiting around the corner, put up your riot shield, make your way to him and kill him, or get your team member to flank him. Now, there is a more defensive way to playing this game, especially if you go juggernaut and riot shield, with a shot gun. You would pretty much be a human tank that would take down any camper waiting to end you.

Another thing that fixes it would probably be the controllable helicopters, in which you can pilot and destroy all the campers you may find on the map. There will probably still be camping, as in any game on Xbox Live, but there will probably be less of it, and it would be more manageable. If you haven't already checked, if you need Xbox Live Gold Membership in preparation for Modern Warfare 2, you should check out my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live to help you out. Also, you can try to play Call of Duty 4 to get you practice before the game comes out, if you can stomach having to go against people using cheap tactics and broken weapons.

Modern Warfare 2 Xbox Live Multiplayer

If you've been reading this blog, one of the best reasons to get your free Xbox Live would most likely be for the sake of being able to play Modern Warfare 2. If I'm not mistaken, the latest game by Infinity Ward will be coming out on November 10th, and it will probably enjoy being one of the most played games on Xbox Live. From the impressions that have been released on the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, it's pretty interesting to hear the additions and changes added to the game.

One thing that you may want to note is how different everything may feel. The sheer amount of options you can now have with creating the class has been greatly expanded. Some classes may have riot shields as the primary weapon, and dual sub-machine guns as secondary weapons. Or maybe sniper as primary, and shot gun as the next. There are many options you will now have when it comes to creating your classes, so you will be seeing many different types of classes to be enjoyed over Xbox Live. I can tell that most of the campers may lean towards an assault rifle and riot shield combination. While us more sneaky players may go for a Sniper, uav jamming, dead silenced and shot gun secondary class. Sounds exciting, to say the least.

Another thing is how there are both killstreaks, deathstreaks, and much more to be announced in the game. There are new rewards that come along with Killstreak's, which ranges from UAV, AC-130 gunship, sentry guns, predator missles, and more that you've seen from Call of Duty 4. The killstreak after the UAV will be called the Care Package, which randomly gifts you with something. You can get ammo, or even step into the AC-130 and target and kill off your enemies. This is great for those of you not skilled enough to get higher kill streaks, so you may get lucky with your Care Package and be able to enjoy some of the later rewards. But be weary, your Care Packages can be picked up by others as well.

One thing though, you're able to take down UAV's now. Though I don't know how that is done. Another thing you should consider knowing about is Deathstreaks. They help level the playing field when a team of noobs is getting dominated. Copycat will let you, who is currently getting the Deathstreak, the ability to inherit your killers class and weapons, even if you haven't unlocked those guns yet, for one life. Another is called Painkiller, which will give you a short period of increased health. I'm not that much interested in Deathstreaks though, since I won't be getting them, heh.

To be simply put, you should really consider getting Free Xbox Live, if not simply for the purpose of playing Modern Warfare 2 online. It's one of the reasons I'm getting Free Xbox Live. It is a game worth playing, and will probably be one of the best games to be introduced into the Call of Duty franchise yet. Especially for those of you who were disappointed with Call of Duty World at War. So for those of you who are interested, you should make sure you have your Xbox Live membership ready for some Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer gameplay.

Valve May Sell Mods Over Xbox Live

Great news for those of you who are wanting to get some great Left 4 Dead mods over Xbox Live. Valve has been known to give the dlc away for free, on the PC. While Microsoft wants pretty much wants all of the dlc to be priced. This is actually a pretty beneficial way of doing things, on Valve's part.

Valve said that one of the things that they're looking to work with is the Xbox Live system, and allowing the mods released on the PC to integrate with it. But due to the large amount of mods available, and the possible copy right materials contained within, they will have to filter them. They are aiming to migrate the popular campaigns onto the Xbox 360, and possibly offering compensation for the authors of the mod.

That sounds like an extreme incentive to start modding for Left 4 Dead, for those of you who are in the modding community. Making a great mod now will not only get you a bit of popularity, but it will also compensate you. But it isn't know how Valve would compensate you yet. They might either go through a royalties system, or they may just pay you one fee for putting it on Xbox Live. I'm personally hoping for a royalty system,that would easily be a great opportunity for modders out there in the Left 4 Dead community.

It would make for a good story, since there are already some great mods out there. There is also a lot of money to be made from Xbox Live, so getting some of the popular mods out on there and being downloaded a lot could potentially make the mod developers hundreds of dollars. Sounds like it's worth it Valve, great job with this Left 4 Dead idea for selling mods over Xbox Live.

Lode Runner on Xbox Live Arcade

For those of you interested in Lode Runner for the Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox Live Gold Members will be able to experience a deal in which they get 33% off of the full price. Making the cost only equal 800 points for you, between the 14th and 20th of September.

If you've been following news of this game, then you know about the mistake Microsoft made with this game. They accidentally set the game to be 800 Microsoft Points instead of the full 1200 that it was originally set to be. So when it was raised, it understandably upset many gamers who were hoping to get the game. So this XBLA deal of the week may interest those of you annoyed by that little fiasco.

Sadly, Microsoft wasn't the one who suffered after increasing the price after eight hours, the developer, Tozai Games, were ultimately the one who suffered. Since it received fierce backlash for that little mistake. It is a game of great content and it has received many great reviews from those who played it. It is a game of style and great graphics, I think. Not only that, but the gameplay is solid and the animation is smooth. Not only that, but you can create your own levels and share it with your other friends over Xbox Live, potentially adding a wealth of replay value that otherwise wouldn't have been there without that option. A great thing to get if you are enjoying Free Xbox Live.

You can host Xbox Live matches with your levels, upload and download the content, or download some of the most valued content from the Lode Runner community. In it's original release, it was one of the first games to include a level editor. The game is now being released with revamped style, gameplay, and 3d graphics and levels. It features over 220 levels, endlessly spawning enemies, and intense co-op challenges.

If you're looking to get a new Xbox Live Arcade game, than Lode Runner is something that may entertain you if you can manage to get your friends to play it as well.

Forza 3 Demo on Xbox Live

Forza Motorsport 3 isn't arriving until some time in October, however, a demo will be coming out this month to wet the appetite of those interested in getting this game.

Earlier Microsoft and Turn 10 announced that the Forza 3 demo will be arriving on Xbox Live on September 24th. This gives Xbox 360 players around a month to get familiar with the driving controls and what the game has to offer before actually heading out to buy it. Sounds like a pretty fair deal, to be honest, because now you know that there will be some seasoned pro's by the time the game is actually released. The games official release day is October 27th.

The Forza 3 demo will feature five cars and one track, being the Camino Viejo track which can be found in Spain. The five playable cars are the 2007 Porshe, 2010 Audi R8, 2009 Ferrari California, 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, and the 2009 Mini John Cooper Works. This demo will allow you to drive in full cockpit view, with all the extra goodies such as damage, wipe outs and the new rewind feature implemented in Forza 3. Not only that, but there will be online leaderboards for this demo, so you're able to brag and you have something to aim for while playing.

Islands of Wakfu coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Ankama, creators of the fairly popular mmorpg Dofus Online, is now bringing Islands of Wakfu to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Taking place 1,000 after Dofus, Wakfu is a cross media project that has ties with animation, card games, comic books, and now this upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title to come out late this year. Islands of Wakfu will also be featuring two player team mode, as well as new, interesting, content to be brought from both Dofus and Wakfu.

For those of you not familiar with the type of gameplay that will be feature of Island of Wakfu, it is a tactical type of game. It features a turned base tactical combat system, and it isn't yet known how many of the classes will be included in this Xbox Live Arcade title. This will be Ankama's first console based title, and it will most likely go well for Dofus fans on the Xbox 360. Or even turned base fans in general, as the A.I in Dofus online has actually been praised, so I'm sure it'll be at or even better in Islands of Wakfu.

The art style, graphics and animation has been kept from previous games, but given a more animated feel to it, making it look and play smoother. The art style of Islands of Wakfu alone is sure to attract some potential players. So for those of you interested, Islands of Wakfu will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade some time in 2009.

Free Xbox Live Trial

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Free Xbox 360 Live

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Modern Warfare 2 Weapons

Modern Warfare 2 has had a multiplayer video released recently, show casing the gameplay to be involved as well as the Modern Warfare 2 Weapons. I think it's safe to assume that the popular and successful weapons that were in Modern Warfare the original will be making a return. But it looks that there will be different Modern Warfare 2 Weapons that serve the same purpose of that of the original game, if you know what I mean. In the multiplayer video released the other day, you were able to see the extremely accurate gun of the game, which mimicked mot closely the G36c.

Also, it isn't known the scope of weapons to be had when it comes to Modern Warfare 2 Weapons. Mainly because the developers want to have a good amount of weapons, but not too much so that you'll neglect the others. So what it seems that they're doing is just adding the updated military weapons in use today. Basically, if any of you watch the Future Weapons show, you'll be able to see what they'll most likely add to the plethora of Modern Warfare 2 Weapons. As those are the latest and most popular weapons in use today.

The amount of Modern Warfare 2 Weapons that will be included will probably be something more than the previous for sure though. Infinity Ward is trying to stand out this time around, to be the defining game of the series like they try to achieve with every game they create. So while there are no official lists of available guns, some people have spotted guns such as the M1911 in the videos provided so far. Be sure to check back for the eventual list of Modern Warfare 2 Weapons to be released.

Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Leaked

There has been some Leaked Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 gameplay from game crazy con buzzing all around YouTube. It shows off how civilians can actually play a role during the game play. It's easily clear that you can interact with civilians, as it was shown that they were running directly in front of you, running away, and bumping into things around you. You could easily shoot a civilian and possibly kill them, but it isn't definitely known the consequence for such an action. It will probably be one of those good guy / bad guy acts.

The graphics in Modern Warfare 2 obviously look amazing, maybe not on the level of crysis, but is a clear upgrade from Modern Warfare the original. The environments look more brightly colored, more debris flying around, and the direction of the art is arguably better I think. Though some will complain that the colors in Modern Warfare 2 don't accurately represent that of a battle field, I think it is an awesome decision by the developers. It brings Modern Warfare 2 into some fresh territory, so to speak.

The gameplay video showed a heavily modified weapon, sporting a grenade launcher and acog scope. The lack of recoil because of the scope was fairly noticeable. The Leaked Modern Warfare 2 gameplay is something worth looking at, so check it out.

[source: Modern Warfare 2 Leaked Gameplay]

No Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox Live?

Final Fantasy XIV has already been officially announced for the Playstation 3 and PC platforms, by Square Enix. But that doesn't mean you should count out the Xbox 360 version just yet. You may actually find yourself being able to play Final Fantasy XIV over Xbox Live soon enough, if all goes well.

The Final Fantasy XIV producer explains that the reason it hasn't been announced for the Xbox 360 yet is because of Microsoft's network policies. The Ps3 and PC allow for cross communication and cross platform play, but it seems that Microsoft is against such features. However, Square Enix is still talking with Microsoft in an attempt to get them to allow Xbox 360 gamers to enjoy the game as well. They're still considering the platform.

The release date for FF XIV is some time in 2010, so if you're an Xbox 360 gamer who needs to play the game, you will have more of a chance in doing so if you decide to get it on the PC or Ps3. But if it does make it's way to the Xbox 360, if you need a way of getting Free Xbox Live Codes, you can visit my first post.

1 vs. 100 Popular on Xbox Live

If you are connected to Xbox Live in any way, whether you're a gold member or silver member, you most likely have heard of the popular game called 1 vs. 100. It's a game show where you can win real prizes for answering questions correctly. It's recently been released, and the game has already been downloaded over two million times. This game is only for Xbox Live gold members however, which makes it reasonable for you to want to get Free Xbox Live as shown in my first post.

This massively multiplayer trivia game where you have the ability to win Microsoft Points and much more. By asking a series of questions, which Microsoft insists will never be repeated. However, some of the prizes are only allowed for gamers who are over the age of 18. Over 200 thousand people played this in a day. It's very popular, and worth playing since it doesn't personally cost you anything. If not for the prizes, you should play it just for the sake of winning, since it is a pretty fun and exciting experience.

1 vs. 100 is a game show game that allows you to play with a crowd of people, pretty fun when you just wanna cool down from all the hardcore games on the Xbox 360. If you want to play this game, you should get your Free Xbox Live, since you need a gold membership in order to play.

Xbox 360 Rage May Require a Multiplayer Disk

Rage on the Xbox 360 may require a second disk to solely house the Xbox Live Multiplayer components. This is only going to fuel the console debates, whether they know it or not. A lot of PS3 fans always joke about the Xbox 360 requiring a million disks while they only need one. Saying bluray is and will forever be better. Well, it seems that id software is unintentionally proving them right, in a sense.

They confirm by saying that they will definitely need at least two disks for the Xbox 360 version. But the dilemma they're facing is whether or not to use the second disk exclusively for multiplayer. The reason why it's a dilemma and not a set in stone decision is because they're questioning whether or not the gamer would even feel like having to switch dvd's every time they want to go on Xbox Live for some multiplayer. It does seem like a bit of a hassle, or nuisance to say the least.

If that's what will need to be done, then so be it. But I know that Ps3 owners now have a leg up in the console arguments. In any case, the fact that id software will need two disks for the game speaks about how content rich it is. Which means it's a win-win situation for all of us. If you need a way of getting Free Xbox Live to prepare for Rage, read my first post.

Lost Planet 2 Xbox Live Demo

Capcom's heavy hitter, Lost Planet 2, has a co-op demo that has finally made it onto the Xbox Live Market Place. Very good news for those of you who are fans of the original Lost Planet which was a pretty solid Xbox Live game. It managed to have tons of players even to today, even though it wasn't something heavily hyped as most other online games are. The catch is, you have to have an Xbox Live gold membership in order to be able to participate in the multiplayer gaming. So if you need Free Xbox Live, you should read my first post.

The demo has been out since yesterday, for those of you who are gold members. But if you're a silver member, you have to wait until August 26th, which is a shame really. The Lost Planet demo's are some of the most played demos since it's basically online play for free. The Lost Planet 2 demo has you taking on a Salamander boss, letting you experience the comfortable amount of weapons and suits to take on. You actually will end up traveling inside the stomach of the boss and blowing it up.

Lost Planet 2 fixes many of the qualms and problems that gamers had with the original game. If you are a previous player of the original, or if you're looking for a new and good multiplayer game you should definitely try the multiplayer demo. If you need a gold membership because you're out, you should read my post on how to get Free Xbox Live.

Batman Arkham Asylum Xbox Live Demo

This bit of news, on the demo of Batman Arkham Asylum, may be a bit dated but it's worth posting none the less. I've heard a lot about this new Batman game, heard about how it makes use of fear tactics, about it's combat system, about it's graphics, and all that. The basic stuff I hear from every super hero game claiming to be the next best thing. So naturally, I basically ignored this game completely until maybe two days ago. Then I saw the demo laying there on the Xbox Live Market Place, so I decided to download. Let me tell you, I have not been disappointed one bit.

This game exceeded my expectations, which were low to begin with, in almost every way. The game starts off with you in the Arkham Asylum, surrounded by a group of bad guys. A basic way of giving you a taste for the combat starting off in the game. The combat, first of all, is my favorite feature of this game, since it's so fluent. You're able to do basic chaining attacks, punching and kicking, and fluidly moving from enemy to enemy. Then on top of that, you're able to counter punch, which looks great the way it's implemented. You can literally fight multiple enemies at a time, counter punching immediately after downing one enemy, making it look like something you'd only encounter in the Batman TV show.

The game also incorporates fear tactics, when you're above the enemies in the shadows, you're able to play with their emotions to make your job that much easier. You're also able to do stealth take downs against enemies you may encounter, as well as tackling and or hopping on top of your enemies. The story line is a very dark one, that does include blood and death. Not in a misplaced or over done way, however, I like how they really have you immersed in the game.

I personally believe this is an amazing game worth getting. If you're interested in getting Free Xbox Live, so you can show off to your friends and party with them while playing Batman Arkham Asylum, you should read my post.

Saints Row 2 Added To Xbox Live On Demand Serve

The On Demand service on Xbox Live has been a bit lacking up to now. It was composed of Xbox originals and early Xbox 360 games, not many of the more interesting titles to come though. But this should change, since now Saints Row 2 has been added to the list of games offered to the On Demand service.

The game will go for 3000 Microsoft Points, and is available in more areas. This is a good game to add because it's relatively fun, recent, and not many people have it. It also offers great multiplayer, so it's perfect for this service I think.

If you don't know what Saints Row 2 is, it's a sand box action game similar to that of the Grand Theft Auto series, except more cartoony. This game makes more use of humor and isn't as serious, it's a good game to pick up to wreak random havoc. The graphics aren't so bad and there are a large range of weapons you can use as you run throughout the city. There is deathmatch and more creative multiplayer modes available as well.S o if you get this game, you should also take a look at how to get Free Xbox Live, so you can play it over Xbox Live with your friends.

Halo 3 Still Popular On Xbox Live

If you ask any Xbox Live player, it's almost impossible for them not to know what Halo 3 is. It's one of the most popular and best selling Xbox 360 games available to date. But it was a launch title, or pretty close to one, so some may wonder how well it's doing now.

Bungie recently announced that it receives one million unique users per day. One million users per day, on a game this old, is an amazing feat. I am not sure how many games will be able to live up to the popularity that Halo 3 has achieved. It does offer some of the best multiplayer gameplay available on Xbox Live though.

So if you're a Halo 3 fan, or even an owner of it, you should read my post on how to get Free Xbox Live. That way, you can be apart of that one million per day, playing it and enjoying your Xbox Live Gold Membership.

Next Xbox Live Arcade Genesis Game

If you're a fan of Sega, you know that it's their 20th anniversary of the Sega Genesis and they're celebrating it by allowing you, the gamers, to vote for the next Genesis game to appear on the Xbox Live Arcade. And so far, the Earthworm Jim fans are taking over the polls.

Sega states taht in celebration of their 20th anniversary of the Sega Genesis, they'll let you guys determine the next title to be released on the Xbox Live Arcade. There is a list of classics that they provide for you, allowing you to vote between August 14th and August 21st. Titles being voted on are The Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Shining Force, Golden Axe II, Jim and Toejam and Earthworm Jim.

Personally, my favorite off of that list is Earthworm Jim and Streets of Rage. Back in the days of the Sega 3, I would love to play Streets of Rage multiplayer with my brother, it's almost disappointing to know that it doesn't stand a chance of winning. I would have liked to see that game back in action, but whatever. I'll most likely look for it on the Wii.

You can find the poll on .But in any case, you should check out the way of getting Free Xbox Live, so you'd be able to enjoy some multiplayer on the Xbox Live Arcade titles.

The Free Xbox Live Choice

If you've come to this blog and made the choice of getting Free Xbox Live, you've made the right choice! This way being the best and easiest way of getting your Free Xbox Live Gold Membership without giving away any of your account information, this is easily a great thing you should do. If you need a way of getting Xbox Live on your Microsoft Xbox 360 console, then you should look no further then to do the method shown on this blog, and get your Free Xbox Live code sent to you. Not only that, but you save a lot of money by doing this, so it only makes sense that you should.

Xbox Live is simply necessary to enjoy the Xbox 360 fully, or even at all. Sure, some single player games may be able to attract your attention for a while, but when it comes to replayability, that's something that you may only be able to get out of online play. Some people can't afford to pay $60 a year for Xbox Live, some people are too cheap. Some people just don't feel that they should pay that much when they aren't playing it every day, whatever the case, this is the solution for you, to get your Free Xbox Live.

Some demo's you'll play will even have a multiplayer mode in it. Imagine a game comes out that you really like, and you're a silver member. You won't even be allowed to get onto any multiplayer game at all. Same with any multiplayer capabilities you may get with any Xbox Live Arcade game. The recently released 1 vs. 100 is something that's only available to Xbox Live Gold Members. No matter how you look at it, to enjoy the Xbox 360, you'll really have to have an active Xbox Live membership.

So what better way to be able to get your Free Xbox Live than by simply filling out a couple of surveys? Not only that, but once your membership runs out, you can simply do this again and get another code. This is repeatable, that's the best thing about it. Don't fall for those fake Xbox Live code generators, they don't work and often steal your information. Doing this method, you don't even enter any of your account information at all. You get a Free Xbox Live code sent to you by email, simply. So you've made the right choice, enjoy your Free Xbox Live!

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta | Xbox Live

Bethesda's Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta DLC is coming soon for all of you Fallout 3 players out there. This is an add on download to be downloaded that adds more playability of the game. Your character is abducted by aliens, after going to an Alien Crash site after hearing mysterious radio transmissions. This content add on will hit Xbox Live on August 3rd, so all of you Microsoft Xbox 360 users should keep your eyes peeled for this Fallout 3 hit.

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta will be coming on Monday, August 3rd, for 800 Microsft Points like most other DLC available. This is the fifth and last installment to be made for the franchise, sadly. It seems that Bethesda is deciding that they are going to be going out with a bang, with Mothership Zeta. This is a pretty creative and refreshing idea that appeals to those of you who are sci fi lovers. You'll get to see weapons like Alien Atomizers and Alien Disintegrators. Not only that, but you'll meet characters from the wasteland and the Earths past to overcome and defeat the Aliens.

For those of you who have been following the latest Fallout 3 downloadable content releases, you know that they are all different but special in their own way. This game is special in the sense that it offers an out of world experience to the Fallout 3 players, bringing them to unfamiliar territory. When I heard about this plot for the game, I have to admit, I was pretty excited.

While Bethesda doesn't promise that this is the last installment, they imply that chances of them releasing another one is unlikely. I personally don't mind, I'd rather see them keep content coming for WET, that game looks amazing. If you don't have Free Xbox Live, then you're in trouble sort of. For those of you without access to Xbox Live, you will need to buy the content bundled with the game. For those of you who already own the game, that would be troublesome for you. So get Free Xbox Live the easy way by reading my first post.

Bethesda's WET

Bethesda is publishing a new game called WET, previewed at E3 2009. This game is going to be, simply put, a badass action adventure game that looks to give John Woo and Kill Bill a run for it's money. This game is going to be an in your face intense action game with stylistic and cinematic gameplay. As in, when you're killing, you're gonna be looking good while doing it. This game is multiconsole, but more importantly, it's coming to the Xbox 360 on September 15th. Sad that it doesn't have any multiplayer options via Xbox Live, but it's single player capabilities will suffice. None the less, you should get your Free Xbox Live like I showed you in my first post. Bethesda's WET seems like it's going to be the main game in spot light for the Action Adventure genre.

This game successfully manages to blend Acrobatics, Swordplay and Gunplay all in one. Allowing you to transition from one to the next, swiftly and beautifully. This game has great graphics, nothing ground breaking, but it's up to standard for the modern generation. The main characters name is Rubi and she goes as a no nonsense, enigmatic character driven by money and hatred. A character who is back stabbed and betrayed and is seemingly out for revenge.

This game follows a more retro style of the common action movie of the 1970s. This game has fairly simple controls, and will often leave you in areas where you're in an enclosed space with a mass of enemies. The goal of this game is said to be that you never slow down, and you make extensive use of acrobatics. While in acrobatics mode, you have two guns, one gun autoaims to a target enemy, and the other one is free aimed with the right analog stick. While in a slowed motion, you are able to deal more damage, and aim easier, allowing you to take out multiple enemies at once. This is what makes you feel impelled to use the acrobats mode, it makes the game more fluent and easier to get through, while being fun and attracting at the same time.

In an attempt to keep the action always on going, the game allows you to wallrun across both walls and enemies, swing from poles, and allows you to seamlessly string these acrobatic moves so that you're always in movement, not interrupting the action. Your acrobatic kills will get nicknames ingame, and you will gain points for your stylistic kills that can be used to unlock new weapons.

One amazing feature in this game is called Rage mode, which can be initiated automatically some time in the game play. You are able to deal more damage and take more damage, and you get heavily rewarded for linking your kills stylistically. Though there will be some qualms to come with this mode as well. On top of that, devs are working on something called Rubi vision, so you can see what objects are interactive in the environment. Sort of like in Mirrors Edge, where you can see the interactive parts in the environment. There are eight to ten hours of single player mode and no multiplayer modes available. So visit my post to find out how to get Free Xbox Live, just to prepare for any potential DLC they may release.

If you're looking for an action packed game to get, keep your eyes peeled for Bethesda's WET.

Assassin's Creed II Changes

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed II is shaping up to be an incredible experience. The developers are seeking to correct all of it's past problems that it's had with the original Assassin's Creed, and make the upcoming, Fall release, Assassin's Creed II a varied and exciting experience by adding many new features and increasing the difficulty a bit. I wonder why they didn't add any DLC though. You should get your Free Xbox Live as shown in my first post, just in case they do decide to release DLC for this sequel. Kotaku has a post on how the new Assassin's Creed will be better in just about every way.

One feature I liked about this game is how it made use of some of Leonardo da Vinci's techology, such as his flying machine. It's a very realistic addition, since it pertains to the timeline, yet it adds for a more enjoyable experience. They're going more in depth with this sequel, giving you the ability to do more. One thing that angered many fans is how Altair couldn't swim, a trained assassin not being able to swim was a ridiculous concept. So Ubisoft correcting that, the new assassin Ezio will be able to swim in this more open world.

One thing emphasized was the new ways on how you can kill your enemies in Assassin's Creed II. In the original, you had a limited strategy and limited ways of killing your enemy. Basically every assassination was the same as before, and it bored a lot of people. When people spoke of the game, they suggested it as a rental for it's story, but the gameplay would get boring quick. To fix this, Assassin's Creed II will offer new ways to stash your enemies body, new ways for escaping your enemy, and forcing you to use new tactics when it comes to dispatching your enemies.

The demo that was played by Kotaku showed how you can stash your enemies body in new ways to prevent being spotted. Shown by how Ezio was sitting on a bench, an enemy walked by, he killed the enemy and placed him on the bench. An easy way of making sure you stay out of the spotlight while getting the job done. This shows how the hiding spots for the original can become places to easily place your corpses. Another example is by how Ezio hopped into a batch of hay in an attempt to escape, the enemy is smarter, however, so they searched the hay and found him. So Ezio killed him, and placed him in the hay to hide his body.

There are more assassination's in this game than in the original as well. There will be two types of guards now, bigger guards and smaller guards. Bigger Guards are harder to fight while being slower and easier to escape. The smaller guards are swifter but a bit harder to escape on foot. Which brings up the next feature they brought into the game, area's of alarm. Like GTA4, there is an area marked on the map when you're spotted. This is an unsafe zone, and to escape, you need to exit that unsafe zone. A pretty nifty feature, and Ubisoft promises that there will be no endless chases. Though that may be fun for some of us. Though there are more ways to kill your enemies, you still can not perform underwater or in-water assassinations.

This game will feature night and day cycles, better assassination's, and all of the features wanted from the original that weren't there. This game will be a must buy, to say the least. If you liked the original Assassin's Creed, or even liked it a little, you should really buy this one. It was improved upon in basically every way. I suggest you get Free Xbox Live like I show you in my first post, just to prepare for the coming of Assassin's Creed II.

Importance of Xbox Live

You may not notice, but the Importance of Xbox Live is increasing for you Xbox 360 users. It'd be hard for you not to notice, actually. With the age of digital distribution approaching, consoles are requiring an increasing amount of internet use. Such as Xbox Live, which basically requires you to connect to it to enjoy the Xbox 360 to it's fullest potential. Xbox Live offers demo's, Xbox Live Arcade games, Xbox Original's and premium content. Free Xbox Live will be extremely useful at times Most people who don't have internet access are losing out on most of the fun, as well as those without Microsoft Points. Those without Microsoft Points are still enjoying the console, but they may miss out on some good DLC for a game that they play. As you see, as the consoles get more advanced, their ties to the internet become stronger, which stresses the Importance of Xbox Live.

For those of you with Xbox Live, if you've beaten a game, you most likely will play it again maybe to get Achievements you've once lost or something. Then you may get bored of it, the beauty of Xbox Live how the developers release DLC periodically to reinstate your interest in the game. For those of you who don't have Xbox Live or access to an internet connection, you're basically screwed. You will have to wait or hope for the developers to include the DLC with the game, which would cost you more money anyway. Xbox Live provides an easy way to update your game with new DLC. Not only that, but Xbox Live users have access to game demo's, which they can use to help judge what the next game they want to get is. They have access to the Xbox Live Arcade, so they can download small or popular games to play, for extra fun. They also have access to premium content such as dashboard themes and avatar clothing. The benefits from having Xbox Live far out weighs the benefits of not having it. The main reason being, you get to play multiplayer games. You should get your Free Xbox Live as shown in my first post, if you're one of those without Xbox Live membership. I'm pretty sure Microsoft will only continue to show their focus in Xbox Live.

As you see, your Microsoft Points and Xbox Live are becoming increasingly important. Microsoft will probably become fully digital distribution. Meaning they'll even sell full games over their Xbox Live service, which is a major possibility. Since it greatly prevents piracy. So when you hear about the next generation consoles featuring Digital Distribution abilities, it shouldn't be a surprise to you, In fact, it should be expected. Even Sony is experimenting with it. So visit my first post to find out how you can get Free Xbox Live. Watch as the Importance of Xbox Live increases.

Shadow Complex | Xbox Live Title

Shadow Complex is a new Xbox Live Arcade title being released in the near future. This game is being made by Epic Games, the creators of the Gears of War franchise. This game is looking to break barriers and take the throne as the best Xbox Live Arcade title that the Xbox 360 has to offer. At the price of some Microsoft Points, Epic Games will be dishing out Shadow Complex to you guys soon. Read my first post so you can get your Free Xbox Live, so you have your membership ready. But it isn't a game that everyone knows about yet, so I'm here to explain a bit about what Shadow Complex really is.

Shadow Complex is a game that has been compared to Metroid on multiple occasions. If you don't know, for an adventure game, that is a very good thing. Though it's not a knock off of Metroid, it's looking to pay homage to it, and be a great side scrolling adventure game. It has the same characteristics of a metroid game, which will be good for those of you who like story, intruiging gameplay elements, and a good adventure in your games. It's graphics are also pretty stunning for an Xbox Live title.

You will be able to find power-ups, items, back track, and enhance your abilities. Shadow Complex is a game that will last you a while. If it's not the best game, it'll be one of the longest lasting games available to you through Xbox Live. If I remember correctly, it has around 5 hours or more of gameplay. You play some one fighting their way through an underground base, faced with enemies of all kinds. The game has environmental puzzle elements, key to most games of it's type. One thing that was said to be a problem with the game was that the enemies have poor AI. In the sense that they are seemingly blind, as if you are standing across the room in plain sight, they will not be able to see you. Some of you may like an easy, dull, enemy like that, but when your setting is in a military underground base, that sort of behavior does not fit. The game will cost you 1200 Microsoft Points, and a file close to or over 1 gb.

The game pays homage to many old games such as Metroid and Castlevania as seen by the first couple of hours of gameplay. It's not necessarily a bad thing, though some may choose to nitpick about that. It's respectable to say the least. As the game goes on, it's originality starts to shine through all the homages. That is what will set the game apart from the rest, it's originality and what it brings to the table. The pacing in Shadow Complex is well done, transitioning from fire fights to a new discovery. It's a very smooth transition and works well. A great feature of this game is that though you are only able to move in 2D, your gun shoots in 3D. So you might have shot all of the enemies in your path, but there can be enemies in the background trying to attack you as well. Not only that, but this game incorporates small RPG elements. Such as an XP system in which you can gain XP from killing enemies, discovering new areas, and gaining it from multipliers for creative kills.

Shadow Complex is a well done game, to say the least, and will probably be praised for a long time. For all Xbox 360 and Xbox Live players that like a good adventure, this game will be a must have. For an Xbox Live game, it has amazing replayability and game length. So for those of you who don't know, keep an eye out for Epic Game's, Shadow Complex. If you don't have your gold membership, check out my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live.

Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3

Call of Duty: World at War is the fifth installment to the Call of Duty franchise, and the Call of Duty:World at War Map Pack 3 has recently been announced. This game takes you back into World War 2 as many other War games have before, but in a way that's better than the rest. This game, though it's had rocky reviews, is probably one of the best World War 2 games there is, so it's definitely worth taking a look at. You should make sure you take advantage of getting your Free Xbox Live so you won't have to worry about paying it, so you can enjoy playing World at War online.

The Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3 comes with 4 new maps for players to explore. Three of them being regular maps to play matches on, one of them being a map specialized for the Zombie mode. Along with the maps, 10 new achievements are being added to World at War and one of them hints at a Ray Gun achievement. The Ray Gun has been in World at War since launch, but I guess they're looking for all ways to add new achievements. Some of the new achievements include killing 40 zombies with your knife, opening all doors in the map, and using a monkey bomb. Pretty simple achievements, I think. Make sure you have your Free Xbox Live membership so you're able to show off your achievements and have your friends help you with them, if they include zombies.

This World at War Map Pack 3 will be released in August, which is coming up pretty soon actually. The map pack is expected to be priced at 800 Microsoft Points, which is the average amount that all DLC is priced at. Three of the map packs are named Battery, Revolution, and Breach. The level design for these map packs look pretty good actually, I recommend you buy them. If you have Call of Duty: World at War, you're most likely looking for a way to enjoy it more anyway. Map packs add a new sense of fun, since you'll be playing in maps that you've never have before. Some people are starting to regret that they've sold their copy of Call of Duty: World at War, don't be one of those people! The game is still being supported by Treyarch, so you might as well enjoy it while the support lasts. So get your Free Xbox Live so you can be able to stay up to date with all the map packs that they have to offer. And keep your eyes peeled next month for the Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3.

Xbox Live Guide

Here is my Xbox Live Guide. On what specifically? This post will talk briefly about getting Free Xbox Live, and then tell you about things you can do on Xbox Live. On the Xbox 360, most users with a gamertag will connect to Xbox Live for the sole purpose of connecting to Xbxo Live so that they can play multiplayer games, download exclusive content, or purchase premium content. But if you're new to Microsoft's Xbox 360, read this xbox 360 live guide.

First off, you need to create your Xbox Live gamertag. This Xbox Live Guide addresses how you should go about navigating the Xbox Live Marketplace. I should note quickly that once you sign up, or get your Xbox 360, you may have also gotten a free month of gold membership. Gold Membership is what allows you to be able to play multiplayer games on Xbox Live. Without it, you're pretty much only allowed to have a friendslist. So first things first, I advise you get an xbox 360 live gold membership, which can be done by reading the first post in this blog. The first post in the blog teaches you how to get a Free Xbox Live membership. But let's move on to talking about what the xbox 360 marketplace has to offer.

You can download many things from the Xbox 360 market place, things like demo's, backgrounds, movies, tv shows, full games, xbox live arcade games, and now clothing for your Avatar. There is many things you're able to do as you can see. If you're a hardcore gamer, you'll most likely be concerned with demo's, full games and arcade games. To download demo's, I believe you need to be an Xbox Live Gold member, but I'm not sure. Demo's are perfect if you're looking to buy a game, but you want to test the game first. You can download as many demos as your HDD can hold. I've downloaded well over 10 demo's probably. The next thing you should know is that you can buy past Xbox Games from the Xbox 360 Market place, for microsoft points. These are full games optimized to play on your Xbox 360 console. This is perfect if you have an Xbox 360 but never got to enjoy some of the classics that the original Xbox had to offer. Last thing I'd recommend to you is the arcade games. Surprisingly enough, there are many xbox live arcade games that are really worth buying.

With that being said, you also will have access to downloadable content released by game developers, when you are on Xbox Live. Developers often release updates and added content to their video games in the form of DLC, that you pay for with your microsoft points. This is just a brief post on what Xbox Live has to offer, because everything can't be covered in one post. The next post I write may focus on some of the other things you can do with Xbox Live, such as downloading movies or making parties with your friends. Thanks for reading my Xbox Live Guide.

Free Xbox Live

Free Xbox Live is what many Xbox 360 gamers would want. Xbox Live is what lets you play multiplayer games with others, it also allows you to download or purchase things from the market place. If you're looking for how to get Free Xbox Live, then this is the best way how. Read on for your guide on how to get Free Xbox Live.

The cheapest membership you can buy for Xbox Live is now 3 months. That will cost you $20 for 3 months. That's $80 a year you're paying for Xbox Live. Instead of paying for your xbox live, you should try getting Free Xbox Live and saving yourself $80. It's easy and completely risk free, many have done this before.

The first thing you'll need to do is head over to the Rewards website and sign up. I recommend you create a new email address that you'll use specifically for this. Just to be organized. The Free Xbox Live Membership will be sent to this email. After you've signed up, head over to the website and click "Offers". Then click "Free Offers". Offers are free surveys that you do, and you get points for each survey you do. Just click a survey, fill out the information, and you'll be done with it.

All you need to do is save up 20 points, and then you'll be able to request your Free Xbox Live. To get the Free Xbox Live, go to the Rewards section, and then look around. When you see the Free Xbox 360 Live 3 Month Gold Card, click request next to it. Then in 1 - 2 days you'll get an email sent to you containing your Free Xbox Live. All you need to do after that is redeem the code like you would any other code.

It's as simple as that, Free Xbox Live is a reality, actually, I know many who are doing it. I can get 12 months of Free Xbox Live and be set for the year. I'll be able to spend my money on more fun things, such as the xbox games themselves. Doing this, you get Free Xbox Live without any strings attached. It's as simple as doing surveys. All those generators are fake, they use those programs to steal your gamer tag information. Doing this, you don't even use your xbox live information. So this is the safest way of getting Free Xbox Live, and it's legit, so your account won't get taken away from you. So start today, and get your Free Xbox Live!

Get Free Xbox Live

For those of you who are Xbox 360 gamers, you may be looking for a way to get Free Xbox Live. Xbox Live is one of the best attractions of the Xbox 360, and can cost you about $60 a month if you play yearly. A lot of people can't pay for Xbox Live because they either don't have the money, or they don't think they should pay when they aren't on their Xbox 360 that much. This is the best way to get Free Xbox Live without having to give away any of your account information. So if you're looking for a way to get Free Xbox Live Gold Membership, then read the rest of this article so you can find out how.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 has a lot to offer over Xbox Live. It has downloadable content, such as premium themes, avatar clothes, icons and more that you're able to get. Not only that, but being an Xbox Live gold member gives you the ability to participate in a lot of promotions that Microsoft may offer, as well as being able to participate in events. But perhaps the most important feature of Xbox Live is it's multiplayer capabilities. Getting your Free Xbox Live would allow you to be able to play your multiplayer games all you want, until your membership finishes, and when it does, you can simply do this again. Why pay $60 a year when you can get your Free Xbox Live easily?

Alright, enough of the side tracking, here's the guide on how to get Free Xbox Live. First off, you need to sign up to the Rewards website. I suggest you make a new email address, Gmail preferably, and sign up with that. That is just to be organized, and your Free Xbox Live membership code will be sent to that email.

After you've signed up, head over to the Rewards website and go to the Offers section. Then click Free Offers. Offers are surveys that you do, and you get points on the Rewards website very time you complete one. If you save up enough points on the website, you can request prizes such as your Free Xbox Live. So you need to do enough offers to get 20 points.

After you've gotten 20 points, head over to the Rewards section, and to the last page of the Xbox 360 subsection. You will then click request, and within 1 - 2 days, you'll have your Free Xbox Live membership code sent to you by email. Then all you have to do is head over to the official Xbox website, or on your Dashboard, and redeem your code for your Free 3 Month Xbox Live membership.

This is the best, safest, and easiest way of getting your Free Xbox Live membership currently. A lot of people are doing this currently, and Microsoft knows about it. Your account won't be affected in any way, and you don't even give away any account details. This is repeatable, and a good way of consistently getting your Free Xbox Live codes, so get started now and enjoy!