Modern Warfare 2 Xbox Live Multiplayer

If you've been reading this blog, one of the best reasons to get your free Xbox Live would most likely be for the sake of being able to play Modern Warfare 2. If I'm not mistaken, the latest game by Infinity Ward will be coming out on November 10th, and it will probably enjoy being one of the most played games on Xbox Live. From the impressions that have been released on the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, it's pretty interesting to hear the additions and changes added to the game.

One thing that you may want to note is how different everything may feel. The sheer amount of options you can now have with creating the class has been greatly expanded. Some classes may have riot shields as the primary weapon, and dual sub-machine guns as secondary weapons. Or maybe sniper as primary, and shot gun as the next. There are many options you will now have when it comes to creating your classes, so you will be seeing many different types of classes to be enjoyed over Xbox Live. I can tell that most of the campers may lean towards an assault rifle and riot shield combination. While us more sneaky players may go for a Sniper, uav jamming, dead silenced and shot gun secondary class. Sounds exciting, to say the least.

Another thing is how there are both killstreaks, deathstreaks, and much more to be announced in the game. There are new rewards that come along with Killstreak's, which ranges from UAV, AC-130 gunship, sentry guns, predator missles, and more that you've seen from Call of Duty 4. The killstreak after the UAV will be called the Care Package, which randomly gifts you with something. You can get ammo, or even step into the AC-130 and target and kill off your enemies. This is great for those of you not skilled enough to get higher kill streaks, so you may get lucky with your Care Package and be able to enjoy some of the later rewards. But be weary, your Care Packages can be picked up by others as well.

One thing though, you're able to take down UAV's now. Though I don't know how that is done. Another thing you should consider knowing about is Deathstreaks. They help level the playing field when a team of noobs is getting dominated. Copycat will let you, who is currently getting the Deathstreak, the ability to inherit your killers class and weapons, even if you haven't unlocked those guns yet, for one life. Another is called Painkiller, which will give you a short period of increased health. I'm not that much interested in Deathstreaks though, since I won't be getting them, heh.

To be simply put, you should really consider getting Free Xbox Live, if not simply for the purpose of playing Modern Warfare 2 online. It's one of the reasons I'm getting Free Xbox Live. It is a game worth playing, and will probably be one of the best games to be introduced into the Call of Duty franchise yet. Especially for those of you who were disappointed with Call of Duty World at War. So for those of you who are interested, you should make sure you have your Xbox Live membership ready for some Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer gameplay.