Brutal Legend Demo Impressions

So, as I said in my previous post, the Brutal Legend demo has come out on Xbox Live. This was a good thing, because you originally had to preorder the game in order for you to get access to the demo, but now it has been made available to all users. This demo is currently limited to Xbox Live gold users, so if you are not one, you should read my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live.

My impressions differ than from what they once were on first impressions that I made yesterday while playing the game. The Brutal Legend demo introduces you to some of the main features of the game as well as the over all feel of it. You start off atop a skull mountain, fighting hooded figures. You first start off unarmed, before you run down and grab your giant axe. You are then shown the basics of fighting with the axe, which includes regular attacks, holding for a hefty attack, blocking and dodge rolling. After that, you are able to grab your guitar, which is basically your source of magic. You are able to strike your enemies with lightening or engulf them in flames. You are not able to spam these skills, however, or your guitar will catch fire and you will be unable to use it.

You are then basically shown how you can link up both your guitar attacks with your axe attacks for devastating combos. This can come in handy when fighting a group of enemies at once. Which brings to my attention a minor complaint, from what I see, your attacks are not area of effect attacks. So even though you are swinging around a ridiculously huge axe, it can only make contact with one enemy at a time, which sets me off a bit. After being shown the basics, you escape off the hill after fighting a long legged enemy and being taught how to target.

You then meet your ally whose name I did not bother remembering. The game has a basic system which allows you to be able to use your ally against your enemies by doing combined attacks. Which, in this case, consisted of you tossing her at an enemy of your choice. It is not anything special, but I suppose it is good to have. The rest of this is just fighting to get to the gate. You reach an area where you have to play an easy guitar solo. You build a car and mow down enemies as you race to the gate. Confront a monster, which meets its end by getting crushed by the gate, having it closed on its neck. The end is not so spectacular.

All in all, you would need to play this game in order to judge whether you like it or not. I, personally, do not like this game because the gameplay is not indepth enough for me to stay attracted to it. The combo system is lackluster, not being able to hit multiple enemies is a nuisance, the storyline annoys me, the only good thing about this to me would be the occasional good jokes. If you are looking for a new action adventure game to play, with a dash of comedy, you may want to check out the Brutal Legend Demo to see if you find anything you are interested in.