Saints Row 2 Added To Xbox Live On Demand Serve

The On Demand service on Xbox Live has been a bit lacking up to now. It was composed of Xbox originals and early Xbox 360 games, not many of the more interesting titles to come though. But this should change, since now Saints Row 2 has been added to the list of games offered to the On Demand service.

The game will go for 3000 Microsoft Points, and is available in more areas. This is a good game to add because it's relatively fun, recent, and not many people have it. It also offers great multiplayer, so it's perfect for this service I think.

If you don't know what Saints Row 2 is, it's a sand box action game similar to that of the Grand Theft Auto series, except more cartoony. This game makes more use of humor and isn't as serious, it's a good game to pick up to wreak random havoc. The graphics aren't so bad and there are a large range of weapons you can use as you run throughout the city. There is deathmatch and more creative multiplayer modes available as well.S o if you get this game, you should also take a look at how to get Free Xbox Live, so you can play it over Xbox Live with your friends.