Bethesda's WET

Bethesda is publishing a new game called WET, previewed at E3 2009. This game is going to be, simply put, a badass action adventure game that looks to give John Woo and Kill Bill a run for it's money. This game is going to be an in your face intense action game with stylistic and cinematic gameplay. As in, when you're killing, you're gonna be looking good while doing it. This game is multiconsole, but more importantly, it's coming to the Xbox 360 on September 15th. Sad that it doesn't have any multiplayer options via Xbox Live, but it's single player capabilities will suffice. None the less, you should get your Free Xbox Live like I showed you in my first post. Bethesda's WET seems like it's going to be the main game in spot light for the Action Adventure genre.

This game successfully manages to blend Acrobatics, Swordplay and Gunplay all in one. Allowing you to transition from one to the next, swiftly and beautifully. This game has great graphics, nothing ground breaking, but it's up to standard for the modern generation. The main characters name is Rubi and she goes as a no nonsense, enigmatic character driven by money and hatred. A character who is back stabbed and betrayed and is seemingly out for revenge.

This game follows a more retro style of the common action movie of the 1970s. This game has fairly simple controls, and will often leave you in areas where you're in an enclosed space with a mass of enemies. The goal of this game is said to be that you never slow down, and you make extensive use of acrobatics. While in acrobatics mode, you have two guns, one gun autoaims to a target enemy, and the other one is free aimed with the right analog stick. While in a slowed motion, you are able to deal more damage, and aim easier, allowing you to take out multiple enemies at once. This is what makes you feel impelled to use the acrobats mode, it makes the game more fluent and easier to get through, while being fun and attracting at the same time.

In an attempt to keep the action always on going, the game allows you to wallrun across both walls and enemies, swing from poles, and allows you to seamlessly string these acrobatic moves so that you're always in movement, not interrupting the action. Your acrobatic kills will get nicknames ingame, and you will gain points for your stylistic kills that can be used to unlock new weapons.

One amazing feature in this game is called Rage mode, which can be initiated automatically some time in the game play. You are able to deal more damage and take more damage, and you get heavily rewarded for linking your kills stylistically. Though there will be some qualms to come with this mode as well. On top of that, devs are working on something called Rubi vision, so you can see what objects are interactive in the environment. Sort of like in Mirrors Edge, where you can see the interactive parts in the environment. There are eight to ten hours of single player mode and no multiplayer modes available. So visit my post to find out how to get Free Xbox Live, just to prepare for any potential DLC they may release.

If you're looking for an action packed game to get, keep your eyes peeled for Bethesda's WET.