Maturity On Xbox Live

Encountering mature players while on Xbox Live is always a sort of funny conversation. Simply because most Xbox Live users can relate to it in one way or another. The amount of users on Xbox Live simply look to annoy, curse you out, be racist and much more annoying acts done to piss you off. These crowds can be found across all games, but I have encountered most of them while playing Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4, though I am not really sure.

While playing Halo 3, I constantly run into people who will curse you out for getting killed or being black. Then again, they seemed to use the same racial slur against even white people, as a simple insult, so maybe it's normal for them. But for the over hyped few that will kill you then tell you to quit life for being a failure in Halo 3. Not only that, but tea bagging is like a sport in Halo 3 that pretty much at least one person does in every match. It annoys me so much to have to run into kids who will tea bag you then brag about it like they just spat in your face. Though I can't say that I didn't do it back in retaliation...

While playing Call of Duty 4, I have to say I have heard the funniest arguments then. There was a kid having an argument with his mom about doing the dishes or something. Every one then proceeded to curse him out for being a little kid. I have heard clans of racists whom would attempt to belittle you if you a minority, and it turns out that my clan had some minorities in it. Though we proceeded to beat them so badly that they just signed off Xbox Live. The especially funny one is when I ran into a clan who was trying to act gay making a bunch of gay jokes and terrorizing the straight people in the match, it was hilarious.

Honestly, this isn't a really informative post,but simply a post to poke fun at how much immaturity you run into while on Xbox Live. I am not saying that the Playstation Network is superior or anything like that, because I have not actually used it yet. But I generally turn my mic off, due to the annoying kids and voices I run into while playing on Xbox Live. But I am at least being able to enjoy getting Free Xbox Live. To be honest, I would not want to actually pay any money to play over Xbox Live to run into so many of these annoying kids.