Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Leaked

There has been some Leaked Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 gameplay from game crazy con buzzing all around YouTube. It shows off how civilians can actually play a role during the game play. It's easily clear that you can interact with civilians, as it was shown that they were running directly in front of you, running away, and bumping into things around you. You could easily shoot a civilian and possibly kill them, but it isn't definitely known the consequence for such an action. It will probably be one of those good guy / bad guy acts.

The graphics in Modern Warfare 2 obviously look amazing, maybe not on the level of crysis, but is a clear upgrade from Modern Warfare the original. The environments look more brightly colored, more debris flying around, and the direction of the art is arguably better I think. Though some will complain that the colors in Modern Warfare 2 don't accurately represent that of a battle field, I think it is an awesome decision by the developers. It brings Modern Warfare 2 into some fresh territory, so to speak.

The gameplay video showed a heavily modified weapon, sporting a grenade launcher and acog scope. The lack of recoil because of the scope was fairly noticeable. The Leaked Modern Warfare 2 gameplay is something worth looking at, so check it out.

[source: Modern Warfare 2 Leaked Gameplay]