Call of Duty 4 Xbox Live Gameplay

I was partially preparing for Modern Warfare 2, and partially competing with my friend today while playing Call of Duty 4. To say the least, I was pretty disappointed in what Call of Duty 4 has become. When I used to play early in this year, you would have intense matches with everyone rushing and battling like their lives depended on it. There was seldom a camper, and hardly any M16 users, unless someone was trying to annoy you purposely, or get it red tiger. Those were what I would consider the glory days of Call of Duty 4.

While considering to get my Free Xbox Live, in preparation for Modern Warfare 2, I am seriously starting to have some doubts. But these doubts are starting to lessen. Anyway, today, while playing Call of Duty 4, I have noticed a major increase in M16's and camping during the game play. I'm talking harsh and ridiculous camping. I mean, it's okay for a sniper to camp, as they have little else to do than sit there and snipe their enemies. But when a whole team of people stay at their spawn, camping with light machine guns and m16's, things can get a little repetitive and boring. If I wanted to camp, I could stay outside and live my life, I think.

Camping, in my opinion, takes the fun out of Call of Duty 4, even if it is Xbox Live. I hardly used to run into camping on Xbox Live, and if they did it, it was mostly as a joking or just a novice notion. But now, it seems like camping has become the norm. So I was considering not getting Modern Warfare 2, if all I'll have to look forward to on Xbox Live is getting myself camped left and right. But then I remembered, I forgot about the new additions coming to Modern Warfare 2 that can help the camping issue.

One of the things that fix the camping issue is riot shields that were implemented into the game now. If there's a camper waiting around the corner, put up your riot shield, make your way to him and kill him, or get your team member to flank him. Now, there is a more defensive way to playing this game, especially if you go juggernaut and riot shield, with a shot gun. You would pretty much be a human tank that would take down any camper waiting to end you.

Another thing that fixes it would probably be the controllable helicopters, in which you can pilot and destroy all the campers you may find on the map. There will probably still be camping, as in any game on Xbox Live, but there will probably be less of it, and it would be more manageable. If you haven't already checked, if you need Xbox Live Gold Membership in preparation for Modern Warfare 2, you should check out my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live to help you out. Also, you can try to play Call of Duty 4 to get you practice before the game comes out, if you can stomach having to go against people using cheap tactics and broken weapons.