Next Xbox Live Arcade Genesis Game

If you're a fan of Sega, you know that it's their 20th anniversary of the Sega Genesis and they're celebrating it by allowing you, the gamers, to vote for the next Genesis game to appear on the Xbox Live Arcade. And so far, the Earthworm Jim fans are taking over the polls.

Sega states taht in celebration of their 20th anniversary of the Sega Genesis, they'll let you guys determine the next title to be released on the Xbox Live Arcade. There is a list of classics that they provide for you, allowing you to vote between August 14th and August 21st. Titles being voted on are The Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Shining Force, Golden Axe II, Jim and Toejam and Earthworm Jim.

Personally, my favorite off of that list is Earthworm Jim and Streets of Rage. Back in the days of the Sega 3, I would love to play Streets of Rage multiplayer with my brother, it's almost disappointing to know that it doesn't stand a chance of winning. I would have liked to see that game back in action, but whatever. I'll most likely look for it on the Wii.

You can find the poll on .But in any case, you should check out the way of getting Free Xbox Live, so you'd be able to enjoy some multiplayer on the Xbox Live Arcade titles.