1 vs. 100 Popular on Xbox Live

If you are connected to Xbox Live in any way, whether you're a gold member or silver member, you most likely have heard of the popular game called 1 vs. 100. It's a game show where you can win real prizes for answering questions correctly. It's recently been released, and the game has already been downloaded over two million times. This game is only for Xbox Live gold members however, which makes it reasonable for you to want to get Free Xbox Live as shown in my first post.

This massively multiplayer trivia game where you have the ability to win Microsoft Points and much more. By asking a series of questions, which Microsoft insists will never be repeated. However, some of the prizes are only allowed for gamers who are over the age of 18. Over 200 thousand people played this in a day. It's very popular, and worth playing since it doesn't personally cost you anything. If not for the prizes, you should play it just for the sake of winning, since it is a pretty fun and exciting experience.

1 vs. 100 is a game show game that allows you to play with a crowd of people, pretty fun when you just wanna cool down from all the hardcore games on the Xbox 360. If you want to play this game, you should get your Free Xbox Live, since you need a gold membership in order to play.