Brutal Legend Demo Impressions

So, as I said in my previous post, the Brutal Legend demo has come out on Xbox Live. This was a good thing, because you originally had to preorder the game in order for you to get access to the demo, but now it has been made available to all users. This demo is currently limited to Xbox Live gold users, so if you are not one, you should read my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live.

My impressions differ than from what they once were on first impressions that I made yesterday while playing the game. The Brutal Legend demo introduces you to some of the main features of the game as well as the over all feel of it. You start off atop a skull mountain, fighting hooded figures. You first start off unarmed, before you run down and grab your giant axe. You are then shown the basics of fighting with the axe, which includes regular attacks, holding for a hefty attack, blocking and dodge rolling. After that, you are able to grab your guitar, which is basically your source of magic. You are able to strike your enemies with lightening or engulf them in flames. You are not able to spam these skills, however, or your guitar will catch fire and you will be unable to use it.

You are then basically shown how you can link up both your guitar attacks with your axe attacks for devastating combos. This can come in handy when fighting a group of enemies at once. Which brings to my attention a minor complaint, from what I see, your attacks are not area of effect attacks. So even though you are swinging around a ridiculously huge axe, it can only make contact with one enemy at a time, which sets me off a bit. After being shown the basics, you escape off the hill after fighting a long legged enemy and being taught how to target.

You then meet your ally whose name I did not bother remembering. The game has a basic system which allows you to be able to use your ally against your enemies by doing combined attacks. Which, in this case, consisted of you tossing her at an enemy of your choice. It is not anything special, but I suppose it is good to have. The rest of this is just fighting to get to the gate. You reach an area where you have to play an easy guitar solo. You build a car and mow down enemies as you race to the gate. Confront a monster, which meets its end by getting crushed by the gate, having it closed on its neck. The end is not so spectacular.

All in all, you would need to play this game in order to judge whether you like it or not. I, personally, do not like this game because the gameplay is not indepth enough for me to stay attracted to it. The combo system is lackluster, not being able to hit multiple enemies is a nuisance, the storyline annoys me, the only good thing about this to me would be the occasional good jokes. If you are looking for a new action adventure game to play, with a dash of comedy, you may want to check out the Brutal Legend Demo to see if you find anything you are interested in.

Brutal Legend Demo Out on Xbox Live

For those of you who are Brutal Legend fans, the demo has reached Xbox Live some time today or yesterday. Surely good news for those of you looking to be able to sample this brutal heavy metal action game without having to pay a dime. This hefty demo of 2gb will be packing the whole opening chapter of the game for you. Quite the package for such a heavily anticipated game.

Brutal Legend is a game by Tim Schafer, and is intended to be an action-comedy-adventure game sure to be a hit amongst hard core gamer. The buff axe wielding character of this promising game, named Eddie, hacks through hordes of enemies in a stylistic and comedic fashion. This open world game is a heavy metal fantasy world in which Eddie fights his way through. There are said to be 23 main missions in the game, coupled with 30 side missions that you may optionally take. There are also real heavy metal songs scattered throughout the game, hand picked by Tim Schafer himself, in which you can find and listen to.

The mutliplayer portion of this upcoming game is also promising. If you do not have Free Xbox Live for this game yet, you should read my first post, so you do not miss out. The multiplayer gameplay of Brutal Legend is a real time strategy, surprisingly. You gather a mass of fans in which you will then proceed to trek across the map in order to find and wreck your opponents stage, which is basically a resource point. The three factions of this mode are Eddie's faction, Doviculus's band, and Drowning Doom, a goth inspired band. Brutal Legend ships with seven maps and multiplayer has support for up to four people. Players are divided into teams through factions, in which you then defend your stages.

Though there are many features that should be implemented and fixed, this game is a fairly solid game at the moment and is worth taking a look at. It boasts a great single player mode, a robust multiplayer mode, and a solid amount of achievements. Brutal Legend will most likely be a game that is widely played across all of Xbox Live. If you have not been able to play the demo yet, then you should try getting Free Xbox Live, so you can be able to enjoy Brutal Legend without wait.

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Xbox Live Impressions

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a 2D fighting game available for the Xbox 360 by Arc System Works, who also fathers the Guilty Gear franchise. You are able to clearly see the similarities that this game has with Guilty Gear, but is this game special in its own way? It definitely is and is quite worth playing, and here is why.

When you think of 2D fighting game, a lot of people immediately think of Street Fighter. That has to be one of the most boring fighting games I have ever come to play. The reason BlazBlue is such an amazing fighting game is because it is amazingly balanced. In the fact that if you try to use cheap hit and run tactics, or try to run away while dying, you will get penalized. Such as taking 2x the damage or other effects, it is a really great way of reducing the amount of hit and runners that you will encounter online. Not only that, but every character is deadly in their own way. From what I have seen while playing BlazBlue over Xbox Live, there is at least one person who uses a character that will completely destroy you and show you things that you have never even expected.

The online play of BlazBlue is incredibly smooth in some cases. Well, most cases that is, when you first enter the match you may see a bit of lag when the match is being declared. But through some smart coding on the developers part, the lag is calibrated and you experience little to no lag while actually in game play. This is a great thing, because for those of you who play a lot of combo driven games, you know that timing and control cooperation is necessary. The few times you do experience lag on BlazBlue, you will see how difficult it makes it to perform some of the more difficult combos, even if you are normally able to do it.

One of the great things about BlazBlue is that it is a very skill oriented game. Which also makes it one of the worst things about the game. For those of you who are novices, you may have a hard time getting into the game since you may not be able to complete some of the more difficult combos. Without remembering combos, you will simply be tossed around and destroyed on Xbox Live, since most of them know what they are doing. However, for those of you who are good at remembering combos and are committed, you will find this game a breeze and most likely find it refreshing as well. Just like my brother, managed to pick up a character that was considered "sub par" and regularly pawns people online with ease.

If you have Xbox Live gold membership, this is really a game worth getting, since the multiplayer is quite enjoyable. However, if you do not, then you should read my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live. Simply because getting Free Xbox Live is a great way to be able to enjoy all of your games in a new way. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a great game for all of you fighting game enthusiasts, and I recommend it to you, so check it out!

The Attraction of Xbox Live

I am starting to wonder what the main attraction is of Xbox Live. When people talk about multiplayer or online services on a current generation console, it is mostly the Xbox 360 being brought up with it's highly popular Xbox Live service. One of the most played and widely subscribed online services in the current generation. But what is causing all of the players to become such a huge fan of this service? Is it the Xbox Live Arcade games? Is it the market place? Is it the multiplayer? Or maybe just because it has so many players in it already.

Xbox Live Benefits
There are many benefits to being a part of Xbox Live, one of the best online services available. One being that you get to play the extremely stable online play, and be apart of a large, extensive, online community filled with many people worth playing. You will definitely run into a variety of people that will leave you with many experiences worth bragging about. Not only that, but you have the Xbox Live Market Place to explore. Having access to hundreds of demos made available to you, which may help you find new games that you may want to purchase for the Xbox 360. You may download some exclusive themes, or even Xbox Live Arcade games that may catch your eye. There are many things worth getting and playing on Xbox Live, and would possibly be a great thing for you to get if you are interested.

Xbox Live Cons
Having to pay for Xbox Live would be an annoyance, definitely. It annoyed me when I had to pay for Xbox Live membership, it would probably annoy you too. Though $50 a year isn't so much, I am not interested in paying a fee for membership. Not only that, but there are a lot of unruly players on the Xbox Live that you will run into. If you are a minority, expect to be hassled by racists while playing. If you are white, expect people to be racist to you as well, or make fun of your voice. If you are young, expect people to make fun of you still and make jokes about puberty. Pretty much, every one is a target, and the trash talk that goes on is pretty ridiculous. I catch myself having heated arguments at times, though most of the time I just do not care.

There are a fair amount of benefits and cons towards being apart of Xbox Live. You get to play multiplayer, which is arguably one of the best features about the Xbox 360. You also get access to many of the features on Xbox Live, such as the party system, netflix, demos and more. But on that note, there are also cons such as the payment, unruly players and occasional down times. If you have an Xbox 360, and you are interested in playing Xbox Live, you should read my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live Codes, it may help you.

Maturity On Xbox Live

Encountering mature players while on Xbox Live is always a sort of funny conversation. Simply because most Xbox Live users can relate to it in one way or another. The amount of users on Xbox Live simply look to annoy, curse you out, be racist and much more annoying acts done to piss you off. These crowds can be found across all games, but I have encountered most of them while playing Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4, though I am not really sure.

While playing Halo 3, I constantly run into people who will curse you out for getting killed or being black. Then again, they seemed to use the same racial slur against even white people, as a simple insult, so maybe it's normal for them. But for the over hyped few that will kill you then tell you to quit life for being a failure in Halo 3. Not only that, but tea bagging is like a sport in Halo 3 that pretty much at least one person does in every match. It annoys me so much to have to run into kids who will tea bag you then brag about it like they just spat in your face. Though I can't say that I didn't do it back in retaliation...

While playing Call of Duty 4, I have to say I have heard the funniest arguments then. There was a kid having an argument with his mom about doing the dishes or something. Every one then proceeded to curse him out for being a little kid. I have heard clans of racists whom would attempt to belittle you if you a minority, and it turns out that my clan had some minorities in it. Though we proceeded to beat them so badly that they just signed off Xbox Live. The especially funny one is when I ran into a clan who was trying to act gay making a bunch of gay jokes and terrorizing the straight people in the match, it was hilarious.

Honestly, this isn't a really informative post,but simply a post to poke fun at how much immaturity you run into while on Xbox Live. I am not saying that the Playstation Network is superior or anything like that, because I have not actually used it yet. But I generally turn my mic off, due to the annoying kids and voices I run into while playing on Xbox Live. But I am at least being able to enjoy getting Free Xbox Live. To be honest, I would not want to actually pay any money to play over Xbox Live to run into so many of these annoying kids.

Halo 3: ODST Release

As many of you Halo 3 fans may know, Halo 3: ODST has recently been released, which offers a wealth of new gameplay elements and a new story line for players to enjoy. It is surely a game to be widely enjoyed by the Xbox Live community, especially considering the all new Skirmish mode that has been added to the mix. This isn't really an informative post on Halo 3: ODST, rather a post that tells you why you should get Free Xbox Live, and why this game may be good for you to play.

If you don't know, Halo 3 is pretty much one of the most popular, if not the most popular, game to be released on the Xbox 360. It offers an extensive Xbox Live player community, and a robust match making system that provided the standard for many online games to come. It is a very novice friendly game and is simply a fun experience for those new to the Xbox 360. It was the game that I started out with, and I don't regret it. It actually got me into the Xbox 360, since I started playing at my friends house on his console. It is a great party game to play especially if you're gaming in a party with your friends.

It is a pretty old game, so there is a lot of exclusive content that has been added already. This is good if you have not picked this game up yet, simply because you will now be able to enjoy more immediately, opposed to those who had the game from the start and had to wait for content to be released. There are new map packs, downloadable content and even the new Halo 3: ODST, which offers a different look into the Halo 3 world and story line.

Simply put, Halo 3 is one of the most enjoyable multiplayer experiences available on the Xbox 360. Halo 3 has a great and extensive single player mode, many multiplayer modes available to offer you the utmost variety and when coupled with Halo 3: ODST, you get an even further look into the Halo 3 storyline as well as a new multiplayer mode in which you cooperate with team members to take out hordes of enemies. If you've just read my guide on how to get Free Xbox Live, then this game would be a good game to spend your time playing.

Zombie Apocalypse on Xbox Live Soon

Konami's top view zombie shooter, Zombie Apocalypse, is making it's way to Xbox Live by next week. The game will cost you 800 Microsoft Points over Xbox Live for a wealth of options. If you have already read my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live, then you most likely will be enjoying your coop for free.

Imagine a top down arcade Left 4 Dead styled game. It is a 3d arcade game with lush visuals, though nothing extremely intensely graphical. The game boasts 55 levels and 11 weapons available, as well as online cooperative play. You can play both online and offline with your friends, which is good for those of you without Xbox Live gold membership. The weapons are fairly good and offer a variety of choices for you to enjoy. You have weapons that may burn your enemy such as the flamethrower, a chainsaw which slices them up, or even a shot gun which obviously has the most impact per shot.

Kotaku claimed that the no drop in was a pretty annoying lacking feature. Though there is cooperative play, players aren't allowed to drop-in or drop-out. You can't add players between stages either. So once you are in a match, you are stuck with the people you have there already. Also, the characters may seem a bit familiar to Left 4 Dead, it can be seen as a homage. Though, no doubt, some of you will see that as a deliberate rip off. But these are minor nuisances, and if you've been actively looking for an Xbox Live game to play, and you like zombies, this would probably be a good game to get.

Also, it is a bit cool how you can use the environment to your advantage, at the zombies dismay. For example, the wood chipper, you can lure zombies into it to get shredded up which would be an easy way of dealing with the hordes of them. With the minor annoyances aside, this game is a pretty solid game and is worth getting. It has a fair amount of features along with it, and it only costs 800 Microsoft Points, so it's basically a game where you can have quite a bit of fun for a small price.

Fun Experiences on Xbox Live

For those of you who have managed to play on Xbox Live at least once must surely be familiar about some of the fun experiences you may have on there. I know I have ran into quite a lot of experiences on Xbox Live during my couple of months of playing it. Particularly with games such as Call of Duty 4, Gears of War 2, Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4. These experiences can make it worth getting Xbox Live membership, simply because it makes you remember why it's worth having. That's why you should read my post on how to get Free Xbox 360 Live if you haven't already.

On Call of Duty 4, one of my most fun experiences had to be when me and my friends decided to play as a clan. So we got into a match, as pipeline and the other team was trash talking us because we dominated them the previous round. So this round, we decide to be annoying and since we had a full team, we all camped from the back and dominated them as UAV Jamming snipers, hah. It was priceless how they could never tell when we were hiding, as we sneaked around the map and even when they managed to get UAV's, the wouldn't be able to see us any way. We laid traps, went knifing, and were camping the whole match, it was a pretty fun match and I don't think I have had a match in Call of Duty 4 as fun as that since.

On Gears of War 2, my most fun experience had to be when my friend and I were playing Wing Man and I was one of the last people left. It was me, my friend died, and two other teams. So I was being pursued by one team, so I ran, tagged a wall, took out one of their team members, ran into the other team and escaped, putting those two enemies into a shoot out. So I ran to the other side, stacked up on grenades, and tagged the wall, and ran away. Then I lured out the survivors of the skirmish and they fell for my trap, leading me to win the match. What I mainly find fun about that is how using brain over raw talent can determine who wins a match at times.

In Halo 3, it was probably when I was over at my friends house playing as a party, and we had one random member on our team, and we were having an extremely close battle and we managed to win. After all their trash talk about us sucking, us being noobs and etc. When we won, I remember my friends screaming into the mike "Yeahhhh boyyyyyyy!" and rubbing it into their faces, to the point where they just quit the match. It was pretty hilarious and it was a rush.

In Grand Theft Auto 4, I have to say that I've had the funnest experiences on there. Or at least some of the funnest. Like one time when I was playing free mode with strangers, and I was in the fastest car of the game, driving away from this guy who was pursuing me and managed to get my car on fire. So I waited a bit, then hopped out my car after I ran over a bench and it flipped in the air. So in a cinematic fashion, the car hovers over me as I hop out and it explodes directly above me. It was such a cinematic event, I just knew that Grand Theft Auto 4 would be my favorite game.

What are some of your favorite moments on Xbox Live? I mainly like the moments where we're being highly competitive, when I die or kill someone in a cinematic fashion, or when I am doing something with the purpose of annoying the enemy. Those moments can be fun. If you're wanting to play on Xbox Live now that you've read this, but you do not have gold membership, you should read my post on how to get free Xbox Live so you can join in on the fun.

Call of Duty 4 Xbox Live Gameplay

I was partially preparing for Modern Warfare 2, and partially competing with my friend today while playing Call of Duty 4. To say the least, I was pretty disappointed in what Call of Duty 4 has become. When I used to play early in this year, you would have intense matches with everyone rushing and battling like their lives depended on it. There was seldom a camper, and hardly any M16 users, unless someone was trying to annoy you purposely, or get it red tiger. Those were what I would consider the glory days of Call of Duty 4.

While considering to get my Free Xbox Live, in preparation for Modern Warfare 2, I am seriously starting to have some doubts. But these doubts are starting to lessen. Anyway, today, while playing Call of Duty 4, I have noticed a major increase in M16's and camping during the game play. I'm talking harsh and ridiculous camping. I mean, it's okay for a sniper to camp, as they have little else to do than sit there and snipe their enemies. But when a whole team of people stay at their spawn, camping with light machine guns and m16's, things can get a little repetitive and boring. If I wanted to camp, I could stay outside and live my life, I think.

Camping, in my opinion, takes the fun out of Call of Duty 4, even if it is Xbox Live. I hardly used to run into camping on Xbox Live, and if they did it, it was mostly as a joking or just a novice notion. But now, it seems like camping has become the norm. So I was considering not getting Modern Warfare 2, if all I'll have to look forward to on Xbox Live is getting myself camped left and right. But then I remembered, I forgot about the new additions coming to Modern Warfare 2 that can help the camping issue.

One of the things that fix the camping issue is riot shields that were implemented into the game now. If there's a camper waiting around the corner, put up your riot shield, make your way to him and kill him, or get your team member to flank him. Now, there is a more defensive way to playing this game, especially if you go juggernaut and riot shield, with a shot gun. You would pretty much be a human tank that would take down any camper waiting to end you.

Another thing that fixes it would probably be the controllable helicopters, in which you can pilot and destroy all the campers you may find on the map. There will probably still be camping, as in any game on Xbox Live, but there will probably be less of it, and it would be more manageable. If you haven't already checked, if you need Xbox Live Gold Membership in preparation for Modern Warfare 2, you should check out my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live to help you out. Also, you can try to play Call of Duty 4 to get you practice before the game comes out, if you can stomach having to go against people using cheap tactics and broken weapons.

Modern Warfare 2 Xbox Live Multiplayer

If you've been reading this blog, one of the best reasons to get your free Xbox Live would most likely be for the sake of being able to play Modern Warfare 2. If I'm not mistaken, the latest game by Infinity Ward will be coming out on November 10th, and it will probably enjoy being one of the most played games on Xbox Live. From the impressions that have been released on the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, it's pretty interesting to hear the additions and changes added to the game.

One thing that you may want to note is how different everything may feel. The sheer amount of options you can now have with creating the class has been greatly expanded. Some classes may have riot shields as the primary weapon, and dual sub-machine guns as secondary weapons. Or maybe sniper as primary, and shot gun as the next. There are many options you will now have when it comes to creating your classes, so you will be seeing many different types of classes to be enjoyed over Xbox Live. I can tell that most of the campers may lean towards an assault rifle and riot shield combination. While us more sneaky players may go for a Sniper, uav jamming, dead silenced and shot gun secondary class. Sounds exciting, to say the least.

Another thing is how there are both killstreaks, deathstreaks, and much more to be announced in the game. There are new rewards that come along with Killstreak's, which ranges from UAV, AC-130 gunship, sentry guns, predator missles, and more that you've seen from Call of Duty 4. The killstreak after the UAV will be called the Care Package, which randomly gifts you with something. You can get ammo, or even step into the AC-130 and target and kill off your enemies. This is great for those of you not skilled enough to get higher kill streaks, so you may get lucky with your Care Package and be able to enjoy some of the later rewards. But be weary, your Care Packages can be picked up by others as well.

One thing though, you're able to take down UAV's now. Though I don't know how that is done. Another thing you should consider knowing about is Deathstreaks. They help level the playing field when a team of noobs is getting dominated. Copycat will let you, who is currently getting the Deathstreak, the ability to inherit your killers class and weapons, even if you haven't unlocked those guns yet, for one life. Another is called Painkiller, which will give you a short period of increased health. I'm not that much interested in Deathstreaks though, since I won't be getting them, heh.

To be simply put, you should really consider getting Free Xbox Live, if not simply for the purpose of playing Modern Warfare 2 online. It's one of the reasons I'm getting Free Xbox Live. It is a game worth playing, and will probably be one of the best games to be introduced into the Call of Duty franchise yet. Especially for those of you who were disappointed with Call of Duty World at War. So for those of you who are interested, you should make sure you have your Xbox Live membership ready for some Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer gameplay.

Valve May Sell Mods Over Xbox Live

Great news for those of you who are wanting to get some great Left 4 Dead mods over Xbox Live. Valve has been known to give the dlc away for free, on the PC. While Microsoft wants pretty much wants all of the dlc to be priced. This is actually a pretty beneficial way of doing things, on Valve's part.

Valve said that one of the things that they're looking to work with is the Xbox Live system, and allowing the mods released on the PC to integrate with it. But due to the large amount of mods available, and the possible copy right materials contained within, they will have to filter them. They are aiming to migrate the popular campaigns onto the Xbox 360, and possibly offering compensation for the authors of the mod.

That sounds like an extreme incentive to start modding for Left 4 Dead, for those of you who are in the modding community. Making a great mod now will not only get you a bit of popularity, but it will also compensate you. But it isn't know how Valve would compensate you yet. They might either go through a royalties system, or they may just pay you one fee for putting it on Xbox Live. I'm personally hoping for a royalty system,that would easily be a great opportunity for modders out there in the Left 4 Dead community.

It would make for a good story, since there are already some great mods out there. There is also a lot of money to be made from Xbox Live, so getting some of the popular mods out on there and being downloaded a lot could potentially make the mod developers hundreds of dollars. Sounds like it's worth it Valve, great job with this Left 4 Dead idea for selling mods over Xbox Live.

Lode Runner on Xbox Live Arcade

For those of you interested in Lode Runner for the Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox Live Gold Members will be able to experience a deal in which they get 33% off of the full price. Making the cost only equal 800 points for you, between the 14th and 20th of September.

If you've been following news of this game, then you know about the mistake Microsoft made with this game. They accidentally set the game to be 800 Microsoft Points instead of the full 1200 that it was originally set to be. So when it was raised, it understandably upset many gamers who were hoping to get the game. So this XBLA deal of the week may interest those of you annoyed by that little fiasco.

Sadly, Microsoft wasn't the one who suffered after increasing the price after eight hours, the developer, Tozai Games, were ultimately the one who suffered. Since it received fierce backlash for that little mistake. It is a game of great content and it has received many great reviews from those who played it. It is a game of style and great graphics, I think. Not only that, but the gameplay is solid and the animation is smooth. Not only that, but you can create your own levels and share it with your other friends over Xbox Live, potentially adding a wealth of replay value that otherwise wouldn't have been there without that option. A great thing to get if you are enjoying Free Xbox Live.

You can host Xbox Live matches with your levels, upload and download the content, or download some of the most valued content from the Lode Runner community. In it's original release, it was one of the first games to include a level editor. The game is now being released with revamped style, gameplay, and 3d graphics and levels. It features over 220 levels, endlessly spawning enemies, and intense co-op challenges.

If you're looking to get a new Xbox Live Arcade game, than Lode Runner is something that may entertain you if you can manage to get your friends to play it as well.

Forza 3 Demo on Xbox Live

Forza Motorsport 3 isn't arriving until some time in October, however, a demo will be coming out this month to wet the appetite of those interested in getting this game.

Earlier Microsoft and Turn 10 announced that the Forza 3 demo will be arriving on Xbox Live on September 24th. This gives Xbox 360 players around a month to get familiar with the driving controls and what the game has to offer before actually heading out to buy it. Sounds like a pretty fair deal, to be honest, because now you know that there will be some seasoned pro's by the time the game is actually released. The games official release day is October 27th.

The Forza 3 demo will feature five cars and one track, being the Camino Viejo track which can be found in Spain. The five playable cars are the 2007 Porshe, 2010 Audi R8, 2009 Ferrari California, 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, and the 2009 Mini John Cooper Works. This demo will allow you to drive in full cockpit view, with all the extra goodies such as damage, wipe outs and the new rewind feature implemented in Forza 3. Not only that, but there will be online leaderboards for this demo, so you're able to brag and you have something to aim for while playing.

Islands of Wakfu coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Ankama, creators of the fairly popular mmorpg Dofus Online, is now bringing Islands of Wakfu to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Taking place 1,000 after Dofus, Wakfu is a cross media project that has ties with animation, card games, comic books, and now this upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title to come out late this year. Islands of Wakfu will also be featuring two player team mode, as well as new, interesting, content to be brought from both Dofus and Wakfu.

For those of you not familiar with the type of gameplay that will be feature of Island of Wakfu, it is a tactical type of game. It features a turned base tactical combat system, and it isn't yet known how many of the classes will be included in this Xbox Live Arcade title. This will be Ankama's first console based title, and it will most likely go well for Dofus fans on the Xbox 360. Or even turned base fans in general, as the A.I in Dofus online has actually been praised, so I'm sure it'll be at or even better in Islands of Wakfu.

The art style, graphics and animation has been kept from previous games, but given a more animated feel to it, making it look and play smoother. The art style of Islands of Wakfu alone is sure to attract some potential players. So for those of you interested, Islands of Wakfu will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade some time in 2009.

Free Xbox Live Trial

If you've come here looking for a Free Xbox Live Trial, you've come to the right place. There is a way of getting Free Xbox Live Trials, but why get that, when you can easily get an xbox live 12 month code for free without giving away any of your account information. This is legal and Microsoft isn't bothered by this method. Doing this, you get a Free Xbox Live code for a couple of minutes of work. Thousands of people, literally, are doing this and have no complaints, including me.

The method on getting the Free Xbox Live Trial used to be by signing up to Tropicana. But Microsoft sued that website and shut it down. This way of getting Free Xbox Live membership is even better because it's reliable and repeatable. When you need some Free Xbox Live codes, you can just repeat this method and get another one emailed to you. If you want to get straight to the point, read the first post you see on the Free Xbox Live homepage, and follow the guide. If you do that, you'll be able to receive your Free Xbox Live Codes within a moments notice.

All it requires you to do is a couple of free surveys. You may be wondering why you'll get Free Xbox Live membership for simply doing a couple of surveys. Well, you have to sign up to the rewards website. The rewards website gets paid by it's advertisers for every survey that a user does on their website. So to reward you for doing the surveys, they will treat you to a prize of your choice that they offer. One of the prizes they offer being Free Xbox 360 Live. Doing this, you will get a 3 month Xbox Live card.

It's really that easy, and there are over one million users of that website. That's how you can tell that the website is reliable. It's fairly popular and there are hundreds of people getting their Xbox Live Subscriptions for free. The rewards website is apparently so popular that it has it's own Xbox Live Card vendor. So they get the Free Xbox Live codes exclusively for you. You can then use these Free Xbox Live Gold Codes to redeem for your gamertag and be able to enjoy Xbox Live like any other gold member. So if you've come looking for a way to get a Free Xbox Live Trial, then take a look at my first post.

Free Xbox 360 Live

Here's a way of how to get Free Xbox 360 Live membership without giving away any of your account information. This is the best way, currently, of getting xbox 360 live subscriptions and legally. For those of you who remember, the tropicana method used to require you to simply sign up with your email address to simply get sent the free 48 hour xbox live code. But Microsoft found out about this method and quickly sued them for all the money that they made them lose. But this method, that is explained in my first post, teaches you of a way to get Free Xbox 360 Live codes that Microsoft supports.

All you are required to do is to do a couple of surveys on the rewards site. Then the rewards site will give you a Free Xbox 360 Live code simply for doing surveys. If you're wondering why, then I'll explain right now. The rewards website gets paid by their advertisers for every survey done on their website. So when you do surveys, you're helping them out, so after you do a certain amount of surveys they will reward you with the Free Xbox 360 Live code, sending it directly to your email.

There are over one million users of the website so far, so you can tell that it is a good website. It's one of the easiest and safest way of getting Free Xbox Live membership. Microsoft knows about this and isn't going to shut this down, unlike tropicana. Your gamertag won't get banned or anything like that either, simply because you're not cheating or doing anything wrong. You can get a Free 3 month Xbox Live or 12 Month Xbox Live code by doing this method. That's saving you like $50 a year for doing something that only takes a couple of minutes.

If you want to know something you should avoid, then it's Free Xbox Live generators. Those are all fakes created with the purpose of stealing your Xbox Live account. They'll usually require you to input your Xbox Live account details then they'll generate a fake code . By the time you realize that the code is a fake, it'll be to late already. Which is why you should stick to the site I showed you in the first post.

Getting Free Xbox 360 Live for filling out a couple of surveys is a pretty cool and enjoyable thing. It can help you get more enjoyment out of your Xbox 360 games, simply because you'll now actually be able to play multiplayer. So enjoy your Free Xbox 360 live, and if you have any questions leave them in the comments.

Free Xbox Live Subscription

If you're wondering of a way to get a Free Xbox Live Subscription, then you've found a great way. This way on how to get Free Xbox Live Gold Membership is a great way because you do not have to give away any of your account information. It's just a simple way to get Free Xbox Live Codes with minimal work involved. If you've read my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live then you already know about this method and are probably enjoying it at the moment.

This method is pretty well known, there are literally thousands of people doing it actually. Doing this won't get your Xbox Live gamertag banned or anything like that because this is legal. For those of you looking to get Free Xbox 360 Live Gold Membership then you've found your way. You most likely made your way to this website through google, so you've come to the right place. You simply get an Xbox Live Gold code that you can then redeem on the official Xbox Live website or even the Xbox 360 Market Place.

Doing this, you'll be able to get a Free 3 month Xbox Live or even a Free 12 Month Xbox Live gold code. Just by signing up to the website shown in my first post. That website has over one million registered users, a majority of them enjoying what the website has to offer. Being able to do free surveys in return for getting a Free Xbox Live Gold Subscription is a pretty awesome thing. The surveys are simple enough that you can just do a couple a day and be able to enjoy your Free Xbox Live 12 Month within a matter of days.

Instead of buying your Xbox Live with your credit card or the prepaid Xbox Live gold card, you can simply get it for free by doing surveys, so why not save yourself the money? The Xbox LIve card does work just as well, but you waste your actual pocket money by doing so. An Xbox Gold Card is essentially what you would be getting for free by doing the surveys on these websites, mainly as a reward. Except that you're getting the Xbox Live Code emailed directly to you, instead of having to wait for the actual card to arrive to your house. This is a safe way for those of you who do not want anything being sent to your house, like for those of you who are young and can't pay for your Xbox 360 subscription.

So there you have it, if you've been looking for a way of getting Free Xbox Live Subscription, you've found it, just read my first post in this Free Xbox Live blog.

Free Xbox Live Gold Membership

Free Xbox Live Gold Membership is quite possible to get, if you're interested. Here's a way of getting Free Xbox Live codes without giving away any of your account information. It's easy, free, and many people are doing it. Doing this won't get your account banned or anything, mainly because you are getting a real Xbox Live Gold Card code, but you're just getting one for free. Yes, this is legal and as I said, many people have done this and are satisfied with it.

Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions can be paid for in a multitude of ways. For those of you who have or have access to a credit card, you can directly pay for it through the official Xbox Live website, or link it to your account on the Xbox 360 itself. But a lot of people, especially young gamers, do not have access to a credit card. Another way to get it is by buying an Xbox Live Card which is a prepaid card that will give you a code to redeem on the official Xbox Live website, or on the Xbox 360 itself. The cards are sold in 3 month Xbox Live and 12 month Xbox Live cards, costing $20 and $50 respectively. The Xbox Live Code is usually located under a peel on the card, then you just redeem it and you'll almost instantly have Free Xbox 360 Live Gold Membership.

The other way that I use to get Free Xbox Live Gold Subscription is just by joining a rewards site shown in my first post. Doing that, all you have to do is do surveys and you can be rewarded with an Xbox Live Subscription code. It's literally that easy to get the Xbox Live 12 Month Code even. Many people have done this before, and have had no complaints. If you don't want to buy a Xbox Gold Card, then this is the next best thing. Because you aren't spending any money on your own to get the Free Xbox Live Gold Membership, and it only takes a couple of minutes of work to get.

If you're wondering what you need to do on the rewards website to get the Free Xbox Live Gold Membership, you simple just need to do surveys. The website will reward you for doing a couple of simple surveys, and this is repeatable, so as long as you keep doing surveys, you can keep requesting your Free Xbox 360 Live Gold Membership. The rewards website gets paid for every survey done, by their advertisers. So to reward you, they give you what you request, usually for a certain amount of points. It's really that easy.

So that's the guide on how to get Free Xbox Live Gold Membership, enjoy!

How To Get Free Xbox Live

If you're looking for How To Get Free Xbox Live, then this is the post you should be reading. You may have come to this page through a google search or something, but whatever it is, this post will describe a way for you to get Free Xbox Live Codes, without giving away any of your account information. It's currently the safest and most popular way of getting your Xbox Live Gold Card codes. A must read for all Xbox 360 users who enjoy playing multiplayer modes in their games and want a way of getting Free Xbox Live.

For one, you should start by visiting the latest post in this blog, it details the complete method towards getting your Free Xbox Live Code emailed straight to you without having to give away any of your account information. It's easy and completely answers the question of How To Get Free Xbox Live. All it requires you to do is fill out a couple of free and easy surveys, and then you can request you Xbox Live Subscription code. Many people are doing this currently, and it's the sole way I acquire my Xbox Live Subscription currently.

If you're thinking about using a Free Xbox Live Generator, I would advise against it. Those programs often steal your account information, or make you give away sensitive information such as your credit card number, and they only generate fake codes. If they generated real codes, the creators of the Free Xbox Live Generator would easily be sued by Microsoft, for creating such a thing. So be assured that most of the Free Xbox Live Generators are indeed a fake.

The way I'm talking about is a legitimate way of getting your Free Xbox Live Codes. It's simple and easy. The website in which you get your Xbox Live Gold code from actually has over one million users already. That's how you can tell the website is a success. Websites like that were on the news and promoted as a way for kids or people to get things for free easily and legally. If you're wondering How To Get Free Xbox Live, you've found the answer to that question pretty well just now. Enjoy!