Islands of Wakfu coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Ankama, creators of the fairly popular mmorpg Dofus Online, is now bringing Islands of Wakfu to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Taking place 1,000 after Dofus, Wakfu is a cross media project that has ties with animation, card games, comic books, and now this upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title to come out late this year. Islands of Wakfu will also be featuring two player team mode, as well as new, interesting, content to be brought from both Dofus and Wakfu.

For those of you not familiar with the type of gameplay that will be feature of Island of Wakfu, it is a tactical type of game. It features a turned base tactical combat system, and it isn't yet known how many of the classes will be included in this Xbox Live Arcade title. This will be Ankama's first console based title, and it will most likely go well for Dofus fans on the Xbox 360. Or even turned base fans in general, as the A.I in Dofus online has actually been praised, so I'm sure it'll be at or even better in Islands of Wakfu.

The art style, graphics and animation has been kept from previous games, but given a more animated feel to it, making it look and play smoother. The art style of Islands of Wakfu alone is sure to attract some potential players. So for those of you interested, Islands of Wakfu will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade some time in 2009.