Xbox Live Guide

Here is my Xbox Live Guide. On what specifically? This post will talk briefly about getting Free Xbox Live, and then tell you about things you can do on Xbox Live. On the Xbox 360, most users with a gamertag will connect to Xbox Live for the sole purpose of connecting to Xbxo Live so that they can play multiplayer games, download exclusive content, or purchase premium content. But if you're new to Microsoft's Xbox 360, read this xbox 360 live guide.

First off, you need to create your Xbox Live gamertag. This Xbox Live Guide addresses how you should go about navigating the Xbox Live Marketplace. I should note quickly that once you sign up, or get your Xbox 360, you may have also gotten a free month of gold membership. Gold Membership is what allows you to be able to play multiplayer games on Xbox Live. Without it, you're pretty much only allowed to have a friendslist. So first things first, I advise you get an xbox 360 live gold membership, which can be done by reading the first post in this blog. The first post in the blog teaches you how to get a Free Xbox Live membership. But let's move on to talking about what the xbox 360 marketplace has to offer.

You can download many things from the Xbox 360 market place, things like demo's, backgrounds, movies, tv shows, full games, xbox live arcade games, and now clothing for your Avatar. There is many things you're able to do as you can see. If you're a hardcore gamer, you'll most likely be concerned with demo's, full games and arcade games. To download demo's, I believe you need to be an Xbox Live Gold member, but I'm not sure. Demo's are perfect if you're looking to buy a game, but you want to test the game first. You can download as many demos as your HDD can hold. I've downloaded well over 10 demo's probably. The next thing you should know is that you can buy past Xbox Games from the Xbox 360 Market place, for microsoft points. These are full games optimized to play on your Xbox 360 console. This is perfect if you have an Xbox 360 but never got to enjoy some of the classics that the original Xbox had to offer. Last thing I'd recommend to you is the arcade games. Surprisingly enough, there are many xbox live arcade games that are really worth buying.

With that being said, you also will have access to downloadable content released by game developers, when you are on Xbox Live. Developers often release updates and added content to their video games in the form of DLC, that you pay for with your microsoft points. This is just a brief post on what Xbox Live has to offer, because everything can't be covered in one post. The next post I write may focus on some of the other things you can do with Xbox Live, such as downloading movies or making parties with your friends. Thanks for reading my Xbox Live Guide.