Brutal Legend Demo Out on Xbox Live

For those of you who are Brutal Legend fans, the demo has reached Xbox Live some time today or yesterday. Surely good news for those of you looking to be able to sample this brutal heavy metal action game without having to pay a dime. This hefty demo of 2gb will be packing the whole opening chapter of the game for you. Quite the package for such a heavily anticipated game.

Brutal Legend is a game by Tim Schafer, and is intended to be an action-comedy-adventure game sure to be a hit amongst hard core gamer. The buff axe wielding character of this promising game, named Eddie, hacks through hordes of enemies in a stylistic and comedic fashion. This open world game is a heavy metal fantasy world in which Eddie fights his way through. There are said to be 23 main missions in the game, coupled with 30 side missions that you may optionally take. There are also real heavy metal songs scattered throughout the game, hand picked by Tim Schafer himself, in which you can find and listen to.

The mutliplayer portion of this upcoming game is also promising. If you do not have Free Xbox Live for this game yet, you should read my first post, so you do not miss out. The multiplayer gameplay of Brutal Legend is a real time strategy, surprisingly. You gather a mass of fans in which you will then proceed to trek across the map in order to find and wreck your opponents stage, which is basically a resource point. The three factions of this mode are Eddie's faction, Doviculus's band, and Drowning Doom, a goth inspired band. Brutal Legend ships with seven maps and multiplayer has support for up to four people. Players are divided into teams through factions, in which you then defend your stages.

Though there are many features that should be implemented and fixed, this game is a fairly solid game at the moment and is worth taking a look at. It boasts a great single player mode, a robust multiplayer mode, and a solid amount of achievements. Brutal Legend will most likely be a game that is widely played across all of Xbox Live. If you have not been able to play the demo yet, then you should try getting Free Xbox Live, so you can be able to enjoy Brutal Legend without wait.