Importance of Xbox Live

You may not notice, but the Importance of Xbox Live is increasing for you Xbox 360 users. It'd be hard for you not to notice, actually. With the age of digital distribution approaching, consoles are requiring an increasing amount of internet use. Such as Xbox Live, which basically requires you to connect to it to enjoy the Xbox 360 to it's fullest potential. Xbox Live offers demo's, Xbox Live Arcade games, Xbox Original's and premium content. Free Xbox Live will be extremely useful at times Most people who don't have internet access are losing out on most of the fun, as well as those without Microsoft Points. Those without Microsoft Points are still enjoying the console, but they may miss out on some good DLC for a game that they play. As you see, as the consoles get more advanced, their ties to the internet become stronger, which stresses the Importance of Xbox Live.

For those of you with Xbox Live, if you've beaten a game, you most likely will play it again maybe to get Achievements you've once lost or something. Then you may get bored of it, the beauty of Xbox Live how the developers release DLC periodically to reinstate your interest in the game. For those of you who don't have Xbox Live or access to an internet connection, you're basically screwed. You will have to wait or hope for the developers to include the DLC with the game, which would cost you more money anyway. Xbox Live provides an easy way to update your game with new DLC. Not only that, but Xbox Live users have access to game demo's, which they can use to help judge what the next game they want to get is. They have access to the Xbox Live Arcade, so they can download small or popular games to play, for extra fun. They also have access to premium content such as dashboard themes and avatar clothing. The benefits from having Xbox Live far out weighs the benefits of not having it. The main reason being, you get to play multiplayer games. You should get your Free Xbox Live as shown in my first post, if you're one of those without Xbox Live membership. I'm pretty sure Microsoft will only continue to show their focus in Xbox Live.

As you see, your Microsoft Points and Xbox Live are becoming increasingly important. Microsoft will probably become fully digital distribution. Meaning they'll even sell full games over their Xbox Live service, which is a major possibility. Since it greatly prevents piracy. So when you hear about the next generation consoles featuring Digital Distribution abilities, it shouldn't be a surprise to you, In fact, it should be expected. Even Sony is experimenting with it. So visit my first post to find out how you can get Free Xbox Live. Watch as the Importance of Xbox Live increases.