Zombie Apocalypse on Xbox Live Soon

Konami's top view zombie shooter, Zombie Apocalypse, is making it's way to Xbox Live by next week. The game will cost you 800 Microsoft Points over Xbox Live for a wealth of options. If you have already read my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live, then you most likely will be enjoying your coop for free.

Imagine a top down arcade Left 4 Dead styled game. It is a 3d arcade game with lush visuals, though nothing extremely intensely graphical. The game boasts 55 levels and 11 weapons available, as well as online cooperative play. You can play both online and offline with your friends, which is good for those of you without Xbox Live gold membership. The weapons are fairly good and offer a variety of choices for you to enjoy. You have weapons that may burn your enemy such as the flamethrower, a chainsaw which slices them up, or even a shot gun which obviously has the most impact per shot.

Kotaku claimed that the no drop in was a pretty annoying lacking feature. Though there is cooperative play, players aren't allowed to drop-in or drop-out. You can't add players between stages either. So once you are in a match, you are stuck with the people you have there already. Also, the characters may seem a bit familiar to Left 4 Dead, it can be seen as a homage. Though, no doubt, some of you will see that as a deliberate rip off. But these are minor nuisances, and if you've been actively looking for an Xbox Live game to play, and you like zombies, this would probably be a good game to get.

Also, it is a bit cool how you can use the environment to your advantage, at the zombies dismay. For example, the wood chipper, you can lure zombies into it to get shredded up which would be an easy way of dealing with the hordes of them. With the minor annoyances aside, this game is a pretty solid game and is worth getting. It has a fair amount of features along with it, and it only costs 800 Microsoft Points, so it's basically a game where you can have quite a bit of fun for a small price.