The Attraction of Xbox Live

I am starting to wonder what the main attraction is of Xbox Live. When people talk about multiplayer or online services on a current generation console, it is mostly the Xbox 360 being brought up with it's highly popular Xbox Live service. One of the most played and widely subscribed online services in the current generation. But what is causing all of the players to become such a huge fan of this service? Is it the Xbox Live Arcade games? Is it the market place? Is it the multiplayer? Or maybe just because it has so many players in it already.

Xbox Live Benefits
There are many benefits to being a part of Xbox Live, one of the best online services available. One being that you get to play the extremely stable online play, and be apart of a large, extensive, online community filled with many people worth playing. You will definitely run into a variety of people that will leave you with many experiences worth bragging about. Not only that, but you have the Xbox Live Market Place to explore. Having access to hundreds of demos made available to you, which may help you find new games that you may want to purchase for the Xbox 360. You may download some exclusive themes, or even Xbox Live Arcade games that may catch your eye. There are many things worth getting and playing on Xbox Live, and would possibly be a great thing for you to get if you are interested.

Xbox Live Cons
Having to pay for Xbox Live would be an annoyance, definitely. It annoyed me when I had to pay for Xbox Live membership, it would probably annoy you too. Though $50 a year isn't so much, I am not interested in paying a fee for membership. Not only that, but there are a lot of unruly players on the Xbox Live that you will run into. If you are a minority, expect to be hassled by racists while playing. If you are white, expect people to be racist to you as well, or make fun of your voice. If you are young, expect people to make fun of you still and make jokes about puberty. Pretty much, every one is a target, and the trash talk that goes on is pretty ridiculous. I catch myself having heated arguments at times, though most of the time I just do not care.

There are a fair amount of benefits and cons towards being apart of Xbox Live. You get to play multiplayer, which is arguably one of the best features about the Xbox 360. You also get access to many of the features on Xbox Live, such as the party system, netflix, demos and more. But on that note, there are also cons such as the payment, unruly players and occasional down times. If you have an Xbox 360, and you are interested in playing Xbox Live, you should read my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live Codes, it may help you.