Modern Warfare 2 Weapons

Modern Warfare 2 has had a multiplayer video released recently, show casing the gameplay to be involved as well as the Modern Warfare 2 Weapons. I think it's safe to assume that the popular and successful weapons that were in Modern Warfare the original will be making a return. But it looks that there will be different Modern Warfare 2 Weapons that serve the same purpose of that of the original game, if you know what I mean. In the multiplayer video released the other day, you were able to see the extremely accurate gun of the game, which mimicked mot closely the G36c.

Also, it isn't known the scope of weapons to be had when it comes to Modern Warfare 2 Weapons. Mainly because the developers want to have a good amount of weapons, but not too much so that you'll neglect the others. So what it seems that they're doing is just adding the updated military weapons in use today. Basically, if any of you watch the Future Weapons show, you'll be able to see what they'll most likely add to the plethora of Modern Warfare 2 Weapons. As those are the latest and most popular weapons in use today.

The amount of Modern Warfare 2 Weapons that will be included will probably be something more than the previous for sure though. Infinity Ward is trying to stand out this time around, to be the defining game of the series like they try to achieve with every game they create. So while there are no official lists of available guns, some people have spotted guns such as the M1911 in the videos provided so far. Be sure to check back for the eventual list of Modern Warfare 2 Weapons to be released.