Shadow Complex | Xbox Live Title

Shadow Complex is a new Xbox Live Arcade title being released in the near future. This game is being made by Epic Games, the creators of the Gears of War franchise. This game is looking to break barriers and take the throne as the best Xbox Live Arcade title that the Xbox 360 has to offer. At the price of some Microsoft Points, Epic Games will be dishing out Shadow Complex to you guys soon. Read my first post so you can get your Free Xbox Live, so you have your membership ready. But it isn't a game that everyone knows about yet, so I'm here to explain a bit about what Shadow Complex really is.

Shadow Complex is a game that has been compared to Metroid on multiple occasions. If you don't know, for an adventure game, that is a very good thing. Though it's not a knock off of Metroid, it's looking to pay homage to it, and be a great side scrolling adventure game. It has the same characteristics of a metroid game, which will be good for those of you who like story, intruiging gameplay elements, and a good adventure in your games. It's graphics are also pretty stunning for an Xbox Live title.

You will be able to find power-ups, items, back track, and enhance your abilities. Shadow Complex is a game that will last you a while. If it's not the best game, it'll be one of the longest lasting games available to you through Xbox Live. If I remember correctly, it has around 5 hours or more of gameplay. You play some one fighting their way through an underground base, faced with enemies of all kinds. The game has environmental puzzle elements, key to most games of it's type. One thing that was said to be a problem with the game was that the enemies have poor AI. In the sense that they are seemingly blind, as if you are standing across the room in plain sight, they will not be able to see you. Some of you may like an easy, dull, enemy like that, but when your setting is in a military underground base, that sort of behavior does not fit. The game will cost you 1200 Microsoft Points, and a file close to or over 1 gb.

The game pays homage to many old games such as Metroid and Castlevania as seen by the first couple of hours of gameplay. It's not necessarily a bad thing, though some may choose to nitpick about that. It's respectable to say the least. As the game goes on, it's originality starts to shine through all the homages. That is what will set the game apart from the rest, it's originality and what it brings to the table. The pacing in Shadow Complex is well done, transitioning from fire fights to a new discovery. It's a very smooth transition and works well. A great feature of this game is that though you are only able to move in 2D, your gun shoots in 3D. So you might have shot all of the enemies in your path, but there can be enemies in the background trying to attack you as well. Not only that, but this game incorporates small RPG elements. Such as an XP system in which you can gain XP from killing enemies, discovering new areas, and gaining it from multipliers for creative kills.

Shadow Complex is a well done game, to say the least, and will probably be praised for a long time. For all Xbox 360 and Xbox Live players that like a good adventure, this game will be a must have. For an Xbox Live game, it has amazing replayability and game length. So for those of you who don't know, keep an eye out for Epic Game's, Shadow Complex. If you don't have your gold membership, check out my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live.