Fun Experiences on Xbox Live

For those of you who have managed to play on Xbox Live at least once must surely be familiar about some of the fun experiences you may have on there. I know I have ran into quite a lot of experiences on Xbox Live during my couple of months of playing it. Particularly with games such as Call of Duty 4, Gears of War 2, Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4. These experiences can make it worth getting Xbox Live membership, simply because it makes you remember why it's worth having. That's why you should read my post on how to get Free Xbox 360 Live if you haven't already.

On Call of Duty 4, one of my most fun experiences had to be when me and my friends decided to play as a clan. So we got into a match, as pipeline and the other team was trash talking us because we dominated them the previous round. So this round, we decide to be annoying and since we had a full team, we all camped from the back and dominated them as UAV Jamming snipers, hah. It was priceless how they could never tell when we were hiding, as we sneaked around the map and even when they managed to get UAV's, the wouldn't be able to see us any way. We laid traps, went knifing, and were camping the whole match, it was a pretty fun match and I don't think I have had a match in Call of Duty 4 as fun as that since.

On Gears of War 2, my most fun experience had to be when my friend and I were playing Wing Man and I was one of the last people left. It was me, my friend died, and two other teams. So I was being pursued by one team, so I ran, tagged a wall, took out one of their team members, ran into the other team and escaped, putting those two enemies into a shoot out. So I ran to the other side, stacked up on grenades, and tagged the wall, and ran away. Then I lured out the survivors of the skirmish and they fell for my trap, leading me to win the match. What I mainly find fun about that is how using brain over raw talent can determine who wins a match at times.

In Halo 3, it was probably when I was over at my friends house playing as a party, and we had one random member on our team, and we were having an extremely close battle and we managed to win. After all their trash talk about us sucking, us being noobs and etc. When we won, I remember my friends screaming into the mike "Yeahhhh boyyyyyyy!" and rubbing it into their faces, to the point where they just quit the match. It was pretty hilarious and it was a rush.

In Grand Theft Auto 4, I have to say that I've had the funnest experiences on there. Or at least some of the funnest. Like one time when I was playing free mode with strangers, and I was in the fastest car of the game, driving away from this guy who was pursuing me and managed to get my car on fire. So I waited a bit, then hopped out my car after I ran over a bench and it flipped in the air. So in a cinematic fashion, the car hovers over me as I hop out and it explodes directly above me. It was such a cinematic event, I just knew that Grand Theft Auto 4 would be my favorite game.

What are some of your favorite moments on Xbox Live? I mainly like the moments where we're being highly competitive, when I die or kill someone in a cinematic fashion, or when I am doing something with the purpose of annoying the enemy. Those moments can be fun. If you're wanting to play on Xbox Live now that you've read this, but you do not have gold membership, you should read my post on how to get free Xbox Live so you can join in on the fun.