Get Free Xbox Live Codes

So if you've come across this blog, you've most likely came looking for a way of getting Free Xbox Live. Well, there is a way of getting your Free Xbox Live, without giving away any of your account information or anything like that. This is great news for all players of the Microsoft Xbox 360. It's a great opportunity, and it's repeatable, so any time you run out of your Free Xbox Live Gold Membership, you can simply repeat this process and get another code. So if you're interested, read below.

First off, let me just declare that all Xbox Live code generators are fake, and you shouldn't bother using them, They are simply made to steal your account. This method has nothing to do with a generator, so your account information is safe.

To get started, you need to head over to the Rewards website and sign up. I suggest you make a new gmail account, and sign up with that to be organized, and your Free Xbox Live code will be sent to that email.

Then you have to start doing surveys. This website refers to surveys as offers, but they're free none the less. Just visit the offers section, then click free offers. A Free 3 Month Xbox Live Membership code will go for 20 points on the website. You get points for every survey you do, so all you need to do is get started and do a couple surveys until you get the amount of points needed. Then you'll be able to request the code and you'll get it sent to your email within 1 - 2 days.

Not only that, but you can get much more than just Free Xbox Live. You can also get Microsoft Points, Xbox 360 games, and more. The possibilities don't just stop there, so get started and enjoy your Free Xbox Live! But that's not all, this website is giving away Free Xbox Live codes as well. All you need to do is leave your comment on this post, with the name you signed up with in it, and letting me know you've tried this method. When I log on, I'll be able to see all the offer's you've done, so at the end of every month, I'll reward the user who has done the most surveys with a Free Xbox Live or Free 1600 Microsoft Points code.

So get started, and enjoy your Free Xbox Live!