Microsoft Making Universal Video Game Capture

According to Kotaku, a question posed to a Game Developer in the Tokyo Game Show brought about an unexpected and probably accidental answer. In case you are curious, the question was if the developer would attempt to include an in-game video capture feature.

You may notice the vague use of developer used here. That is because Kotaku and others are trying to conceal the identity of the person, to protect their job. Leaking information can lead to big problems when it comes to the video game industry, heh. Their answer was that they would love to have a video capture feature in their game. But then they questioned that why should they work on something that the platform holder, being Microsoft, is already in the process of developing. Oops?

A universal platform specific video capture feature for all games sounds pretty epic. I know that there were some epic moments in Fight Night Round 4 and Call of Duty 4 that I wish I could have captured on video. I suppose that I could use external recorders, but having an internal recorder makes it so much more convenient. There are few games that make use of a Video Capture feature, such as Halo 3 which allows you to navigate the recording in 3d space, which is a pretty amazing ability. I am not sure Microsoft would be able to create such an extensive universal video capture feature, but maybe they would at least be able to record what is shown on screen. But if they have all the features of the Halo 3 video capture feature, that would be amazing.

Microsoft was questioned about this, though not in a direct way. Just asked about their thoughts on the concept and whether or not they would embrace the idea. When a representative was asked, they merely said that they are always looking for ways to innovate Xbox Live at the platform level. They would not comment on a video capture feature, but they said you can assume that they are constantly looking for ways to be innovative. Maybe the ability to capture and share your recorded in-game videos over Xbox Live could be the next big update for the Xbox 360. If it is, I can be sure that those of you who are Xbox Live silver users, you will be left out. This would most likely need an Xbox Live gold membership, so if you do not have it yet, you should visit my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live.

The rest of the answers and responses they gave were simply dancing around the question. They played stupid and completely avoided answering it. If this is indeed true, then I feel a bit sorry for Microsoft, because this would have been a major news release. No one would have imagined this. This news completely caught me by surprise, actually. I honestly am now thinking that Microsoft is developing a universal video game capture feature, because that could be the sole thing that would set it apart greatly from the other consoles. That would be their way of creating the next big innovation for the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live alike.