No Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox Live?

Final Fantasy XIV has already been officially announced for the Playstation 3 and PC platforms, by Square Enix. But that doesn't mean you should count out the Xbox 360 version just yet. You may actually find yourself being able to play Final Fantasy XIV over Xbox Live soon enough, if all goes well.

The Final Fantasy XIV producer explains that the reason it hasn't been announced for the Xbox 360 yet is because of Microsoft's network policies. The Ps3 and PC allow for cross communication and cross platform play, but it seems that Microsoft is against such features. However, Square Enix is still talking with Microsoft in an attempt to get them to allow Xbox 360 gamers to enjoy the game as well. They're still considering the platform.

The release date for FF XIV is some time in 2010, so if you're an Xbox 360 gamer who needs to play the game, you will have more of a chance in doing so if you decide to get it on the PC or Ps3. But if it does make it's way to the Xbox 360, if you need a way of getting Free Xbox Live Codes, you can visit my first post.