Free Xbox Live

Free Xbox Live is what many Xbox 360 gamers would want. Xbox Live is what lets you play multiplayer games with others, it also allows you to download or purchase things from the market place. If you're looking for how to get Free Xbox Live, then this is the best way how. Read on for your guide on how to get Free Xbox Live.

The cheapest membership you can buy for Xbox Live is now 3 months. That will cost you $20 for 3 months. That's $80 a year you're paying for Xbox Live. Instead of paying for your xbox live, you should try getting Free Xbox Live and saving yourself $80. It's easy and completely risk free, many have done this before.

The first thing you'll need to do is head over to the Rewards website and sign up. I recommend you create a new email address that you'll use specifically for this. Just to be organized. The Free Xbox Live Membership will be sent to this email. After you've signed up, head over to the website and click "Offers". Then click "Free Offers". Offers are free surveys that you do, and you get points for each survey you do. Just click a survey, fill out the information, and you'll be done with it.

All you need to do is save up 20 points, and then you'll be able to request your Free Xbox Live. To get the Free Xbox Live, go to the Rewards section, and then look around. When you see the Free Xbox 360 Live 3 Month Gold Card, click request next to it. Then in 1 - 2 days you'll get an email sent to you containing your Free Xbox Live. All you need to do after that is redeem the code like you would any other code.

It's as simple as that, Free Xbox Live is a reality, actually, I know many who are doing it. I can get 12 months of Free Xbox Live and be set for the year. I'll be able to spend my money on more fun things, such as the xbox games themselves. Doing this, you get Free Xbox Live without any strings attached. It's as simple as doing surveys. All those generators are fake, they use those programs to steal your gamer tag information. Doing this, you don't even use your xbox live information. So this is the safest way of getting Free Xbox Live, and it's legit, so your account won't get taken away from you. So start today, and get your Free Xbox Live!