Valve May Sell Mods Over Xbox Live

Great news for those of you who are wanting to get some great Left 4 Dead mods over Xbox Live. Valve has been known to give the dlc away for free, on the PC. While Microsoft wants pretty much wants all of the dlc to be priced. This is actually a pretty beneficial way of doing things, on Valve's part.

Valve said that one of the things that they're looking to work with is the Xbox Live system, and allowing the mods released on the PC to integrate with it. But due to the large amount of mods available, and the possible copy right materials contained within, they will have to filter them. They are aiming to migrate the popular campaigns onto the Xbox 360, and possibly offering compensation for the authors of the mod.

That sounds like an extreme incentive to start modding for Left 4 Dead, for those of you who are in the modding community. Making a great mod now will not only get you a bit of popularity, but it will also compensate you. But it isn't know how Valve would compensate you yet. They might either go through a royalties system, or they may just pay you one fee for putting it on Xbox Live. I'm personally hoping for a royalty system,that would easily be a great opportunity for modders out there in the Left 4 Dead community.

It would make for a good story, since there are already some great mods out there. There is also a lot of money to be made from Xbox Live, so getting some of the popular mods out on there and being downloaded a lot could potentially make the mod developers hundreds of dollars. Sounds like it's worth it Valve, great job with this Left 4 Dead idea for selling mods over Xbox Live.