Batman Arkham Asylum Xbox Live Demo

This bit of news, on the demo of Batman Arkham Asylum, may be a bit dated but it's worth posting none the less. I've heard a lot about this new Batman game, heard about how it makes use of fear tactics, about it's combat system, about it's graphics, and all that. The basic stuff I hear from every super hero game claiming to be the next best thing. So naturally, I basically ignored this game completely until maybe two days ago. Then I saw the demo laying there on the Xbox Live Market Place, so I decided to download. Let me tell you, I have not been disappointed one bit.

This game exceeded my expectations, which were low to begin with, in almost every way. The game starts off with you in the Arkham Asylum, surrounded by a group of bad guys. A basic way of giving you a taste for the combat starting off in the game. The combat, first of all, is my favorite feature of this game, since it's so fluent. You're able to do basic chaining attacks, punching and kicking, and fluidly moving from enemy to enemy. Then on top of that, you're able to counter punch, which looks great the way it's implemented. You can literally fight multiple enemies at a time, counter punching immediately after downing one enemy, making it look like something you'd only encounter in the Batman TV show.

The game also incorporates fear tactics, when you're above the enemies in the shadows, you're able to play with their emotions to make your job that much easier. You're also able to do stealth take downs against enemies you may encounter, as well as tackling and or hopping on top of your enemies. The story line is a very dark one, that does include blood and death. Not in a misplaced or over done way, however, I like how they really have you immersed in the game.

I personally believe this is an amazing game worth getting. If you're interested in getting Free Xbox Live, so you can show off to your friends and party with them while playing Batman Arkham Asylum, you should read my post.