Lost Planet 2 Xbox Live Demo

Capcom's heavy hitter, Lost Planet 2, has a co-op demo that has finally made it onto the Xbox Live Market Place. Very good news for those of you who are fans of the original Lost Planet which was a pretty solid Xbox Live game. It managed to have tons of players even to today, even though it wasn't something heavily hyped as most other online games are. The catch is, you have to have an Xbox Live gold membership in order to be able to participate in the multiplayer gaming. So if you need Free Xbox Live, you should read my first post.

The demo has been out since yesterday, for those of you who are gold members. But if you're a silver member, you have to wait until August 26th, which is a shame really. The Lost Planet demo's are some of the most played demos since it's basically online play for free. The Lost Planet 2 demo has you taking on a Salamander boss, letting you experience the comfortable amount of weapons and suits to take on. You actually will end up traveling inside the stomach of the boss and blowing it up.

Lost Planet 2 fixes many of the qualms and problems that gamers had with the original game. If you are a previous player of the original, or if you're looking for a new and good multiplayer game you should definitely try the multiplayer demo. If you need a gold membership because you're out, you should read my post on how to get Free Xbox Live.