Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Xbox Live Impressions

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a 2D fighting game available for the Xbox 360 by Arc System Works, who also fathers the Guilty Gear franchise. You are able to clearly see the similarities that this game has with Guilty Gear, but is this game special in its own way? It definitely is and is quite worth playing, and here is why.

When you think of 2D fighting game, a lot of people immediately think of Street Fighter. That has to be one of the most boring fighting games I have ever come to play. The reason BlazBlue is such an amazing fighting game is because it is amazingly balanced. In the fact that if you try to use cheap hit and run tactics, or try to run away while dying, you will get penalized. Such as taking 2x the damage or other effects, it is a really great way of reducing the amount of hit and runners that you will encounter online. Not only that, but every character is deadly in their own way. From what I have seen while playing BlazBlue over Xbox Live, there is at least one person who uses a character that will completely destroy you and show you things that you have never even expected.

The online play of BlazBlue is incredibly smooth in some cases. Well, most cases that is, when you first enter the match you may see a bit of lag when the match is being declared. But through some smart coding on the developers part, the lag is calibrated and you experience little to no lag while actually in game play. This is a great thing, because for those of you who play a lot of combo driven games, you know that timing and control cooperation is necessary. The few times you do experience lag on BlazBlue, you will see how difficult it makes it to perform some of the more difficult combos, even if you are normally able to do it.

One of the great things about BlazBlue is that it is a very skill oriented game. Which also makes it one of the worst things about the game. For those of you who are novices, you may have a hard time getting into the game since you may not be able to complete some of the more difficult combos. Without remembering combos, you will simply be tossed around and destroyed on Xbox Live, since most of them know what they are doing. However, for those of you who are good at remembering combos and are committed, you will find this game a breeze and most likely find it refreshing as well. Just like my brother, managed to pick up a character that was considered "sub par" and regularly pawns people online with ease.

If you have Xbox Live gold membership, this is really a game worth getting, since the multiplayer is quite enjoyable. However, if you do not, then you should read my first post on how to get Free Xbox Live. Simply because getting Free Xbox Live is a great way to be able to enjoy all of your games in a new way. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is a great game for all of you fighting game enthusiasts, and I recommend it to you, so check it out!